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spacer China Conference, December 8-12, 2008

School of Government
Peking University
Leo KoGuan Building, Room 342

Preliminary Agenda

(Paper presentations will be 30-40 minutes; discussants will have 10-15 minutes. There will be about 30 minutes of public discussion for each paper.)

Day 1: Tuesday, December 9
9:00am  Welcome
   Songying Fang (University of Minnesota)
Helen V. Milner (Princeton University)
Tianbiao Zhu (Peking University)
9:30am  Opening Talk and Discussion
   International Political Economy: A North American Perspective on an Emerging Interdiscipline (Abstract)
    David A. Lake (University of California, San Diego)
    Discussant: Li Bin (Nanjing University)
10:30am  Refreshment Break
10:45am  Trading Tasks: A Simple Theory of Offshoring (Abstract)
    Gene M. Grossman (Princeton University)
    Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (Princeton University)
    Discussant: Ronald Rogowski (University of California, Los Angeles)
12:00pm  Lunch
1:30pm  Protecting the Poor: Skill Bias in the International Distribution of Trade Protection (Abstract)
    Kenneth Scheve (Yale University)
    Xiaobo Lu (Yale University)
    Matthew Slaughter (Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and NBER)
    Discussant: Helen V. Milner (Princeton University)
2:45pm  The Impact of the GATT/WTO on Postwar Trade (Abstract)
    Joanne Gowa (Princeton University)
    Discussant: B. Peter Rosendorff (New York University)
4:15pm  Refreshment Break
4:30pm  Understanding Transition in China: Domestic Tensions, Institutional Adjustment and International Forces (Abstract)
    Zhengyi Wang (School of International Studies, Peking University)
    Discussant: John R. Freeman (University of Minnesota)
6:30pm  Cocktails and Dinner

Day 2: Wednesday, December 10
9:15am  Public vs. Private Enforcement of Trade Agreements: Evidence from Chinese Trade (Abstract)
    Megumi Naoi (University of California, San Diego)
    Discussant: Beth Simmons (Harvard University)
10:30am  Refreshment Break
10:45am  The Politics of International Standards: Conflict and Cooperation in Setting Standards for Global Product and Financial Markets (Abstract)
    Tim BŁthe (Duke University and UC Berkeley, 2007-09)
    Discussant: Christina Davis (Princeton University)
12:00pm  Lunch
1:30pm  Rural Tax Reform and the Extractive Capacity of Local State in China (Abstract)
    Mingxing Liu (Peking University)
    Zhigang Xu (Chinese Academy of Science)
    Ran Tao (Chinese Academy of Science)
    Fubing Su (Vassar College)
    Discussant: Kenneth Scheve (Yale University)
2:45pm  The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Anchors: Firm Level Evidence (Abstract)
    J. Lawrence Broz (University of California, San Diego)
    Michael Plouffe (University of California, San Diego)
    Discussant: John R. Freeman (University of Minnesota)
4:00pm  Refreshment Break
4:15pm   The Political Economy of China's Fiscal Reforms: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Central Local Interaction (Abstract)
    Jing Vivian Zhan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
    Discussant: Randall Stone (University of Rochester)
6:00pm  Cocktails and Dinner

Day 3: Thursday, December 11
9:15am   Trading for Peace? Disaggregated Bilateral Trade and Interstate Military Conflict Initiation
    Quan Li (Texas A&M University)
    Rafael Reuveny (Indiana University)
    Discussant: James Raymond Vreeland (Yale University)
10:30am  Refreshment Break
10:45am   Business as Usual? Economic Responses to Political Tensions
    Christina Davis (Princeton University)
    Sophie Meunier (Princeton University)
    Discussant: Jing Vivian Zhan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
12:00pm  Lunch
1:30pm  Global Horse Trading: IMF Loans for Votes in the United Nations Security Council (Abstract)
    Axel Dreher (KOF Swiss Economic Institute)
    Jan-Egbert Sturm (KOF Swiss Economic Institute)
    James Raymond Vreeland (Yale University)
    Discussant: B. Peter Rosendorff (New York University)
2:45pm  The Strategic Use of International Institutions in Dispute Settlement
    Songying Fang (University of Minnesota)
    Discussant: Lisa Martin (University of Wisconsin- Madison)
4:00pm  Refreshment Break
4:15pm  Informal Governance: International Organizations and the Limits of U.S. Power
    Randall Stone (University of Rochester)
    Discussant: Helen Milner (Princeton University)
5:30pm   Closing Remarks: Zhengyi Wang (School of International Studies, Peking University)
6:30pm  Cocktails and Dinner

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