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spacer The International Politics of Economic Globalization and Emerging Market Economies -- Mar 18-20, 2015

FEA-USP, Sala da Congregação
Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 908, 1º andar, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo

Preliminary Agenda

(Paper presentations will be 20 minutes; discussants will have 5-10 minutes. There will be about 30 minutes of public discussion for each paper.)

Day 1: Thursday, March 19
9:00-9:45am  Opening Discussion between USP and Princeton
9:45-10:30am  Opening Speech
   Global Governance: Can the Centre Hold?
    Keynote: Andrew Hurrell (Oxford University)
10:30-10:45am  Coffee Break
10:45am-12:45pm   Panel 1 - The Political Economy of Integration, International Diffusion
Of Dominoes and Firewalls: The Domestic, Regional, and Global Politics of International Diffusion
    Etel Solingen (UCI)
Autarkic obsession: a long-term view of Brazil in the world economy
    Marcelo de Paiva Abreu (PUC-Rio)
Was Brazil different? The synthetic versus the real
    Marcos Lisboa (INSPER) (with C. Gonçalves (USP) JMP de Mello (Insper)
Are Rising Powers Changing the Shape of the World Economy?
    Nita Rudra (Georgetown University) and Daniela Donno (University of Pittsburgh)
    Discussants: Emilie Hafner Burton (University of California San Diego) and Christina Davis (Princeton University)
12:45-2:00pm  Lunch
2:00-4:00pm   Panel 2 - Trade Liberalization and Global Production Networks: Micro-Economic Focus
The political economy of trade liberalization in Brazil: will it ever change?
    Pedro Motta Veiga (CINDES) and Sandra Rios (CINDES)
Domestic coalitions and international trade
    Amâncio Jorge de Oliveira (Caeni/USP), Francisco Urdinez (IRI/USP), Janina Onuki (Caeni/USP)
Taking Workers’ Rights on the Road? Multinational Firms and the Transmission of Labor Practices
    Layna Mosley (University of North Carolina)
Framing Business Interests: How Campaigns Affect Firms' Positions on Preferential Trade Agreements
    Megumi Naoi (University of California, San Diego)
    Discussants: Stephen Chaudoin (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) and Judith Goldstein (Stanford University)
4:00-4:15pm  Coffee Break
4:15-5:00pm  Keynote
   IPE: Where do we Stand?
    Helen Milner (Princeton University)
5:15  Brazilian Music Concert at FEA/USP: Performance of Chorinho

Day 2: Friday, March 20
9:15-11:15am   Panel 3 - Power Transitions, State Capabilities and International Institutions in a Changing World Order
Rebalancing and the Political Economy of Trade: a Diplomatic Perspective
    Clodoaldo Hugueney (FGV-SP)
OMC governance, and the impact of mega-trade agreements on emerging countries
    Vera Thorstensen (FGV-SP)
Brazil's entrepreneurial power in a changing global order: success and failure in different scenarios
    Maria Herminia T. de Almeida (IRI/USP), Feliciano Sá Guimarães (IRI-USP)
The Perils of International Capital
    Faisal Z. Ahmed (Princeton University)
    Discussants: Robert Kaufman (Rutgers University) and Grigore Pops-Eleches (Princeton University)
11:15-11:30am  Coffee Break
11:30am-1:30pm   Panel 4 - Politics of Policymaking
Ideas as Non-Tariff Barriers: Explaining Trade Policy in Latin America, 1960-2010
    Matthew Taylor (American University and USP)
Weighing Economic Ideology Slides
    Judith Goldstein and Robert Gulotty (Stanford University)
Shifting narratives of emergence: looking for the global inside the regional and the national
    Lourdes Sola (NUPPS/USP) and Sérgio Vale (MBA-USP)
More than Just a Rich Country Club: Membership Conditionality and Institutional Reform in the OECD
    Christina Davis (Princeton University)
    Discussants: Dan Nielson (Brigham Young University) and Ed Mansfield (University of Pennsylvania)
1:30-2:30pm  Lunch
2:30-4:15pm   Panel 5 - Preferences towards redistribution, economic governance and aid
The politics of redistribution: the interplay of domestic and international factors in Latin America and beyond
    Marcus Melo (UFPE)
Taxes, Transfers, Inequality and the Poor in the Developing World
    Nora Lustig (Tulane University)
Elite and Mass Support for Foreign Aid versus Government Programs: Experimental Evidence from Uganda
    Helen Milner (Princeton University), Dan Nielson (Brigham Young University), Adam Harris (New York University), Mike Findley (University of Texas, Austin)
Globalization and Democracy: The Politics of Market Discipline in Latin America
    Daniela Campello (FGV/EBAPE)
Brazil: education system, skills regime and the new democracy-driven educational regime
    Elizabeth Balbachevsky (DCP-USP/NUPPs) and Nina Ranieri (FD-USP/NUPPs)
    Discussants: Megumi Naoi (University of California San Diego) and Stephanie Rickard (LSE)
4:15-4:30pm  Coffee Break
4:30-6:30pm   Panel 6 - The Political Economy of Energy, Environment and Climate Change
Decarbonization in Large Emerging Economies: Comparing China, India, Russia, Brazil and Mexico
    Eduardo Viola (IRel-UNB) and Larissa Basso (IRel-UNB)
Financing the struggle against deforestation: Brazil and Indonesia
    Jacques Marcovitch (USP)
Burden-sharing in the implementation of the Climate Convention
    José Goldemberg (USP) and Larissa Guardabasso (USP)
On the Governance of Complex Global Problems: The Case for Decomposition
    David Victor (University of California, San Diego)
    Discussants: Xander Slaski (Princeton University) and Dustin Tingley (Harvard University)
8:00pm  Dinner

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