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Globalization News
  • The Globalist is a daily magazine that publishes one new feature a day on globalization. Free registration is required to view older articles.
  • Project Syndicate is an interesting website that disseminates commentaries by well-known thinkers to newspapers, mainly in developing and transition countries. Many of these commentaries are on international economic issues or international affairs.
  • The RGE Monitor by Nouriel Roubini contains a wealth of information on global economic news and issues.
Globalization Centers and Institutes
  • Oxford and Princeton are proud to announce a new Global Leaders Fellowship Programme, at Oxford and Princeton, which includes post-doctoral fellowships in world politics and political economy for holders of a doctorate who are nationals of a developing country. Six fellowships, with appropriate stipends sufficient to cover full living costs, will be awarded in each of the next five years, beginning in September 2008, for a year’s study at Oxford followed by a year at Princeton.
  • The Center for Global Development is a DC-based thinktank that focuses on global poverty and inequality. Their Commitment to Development Index ranks each developed country on several areas to determine how well they perform in reducing poverty in developing countries.
  • The Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is an interdisciplinary research center that focuses on globalization. A list of working papers can be found here.
  • The Economic Policy Institute is a non-partisan thinktank that focuses on low and middle-income workers. Research directly related to trade and globalization can be found here.
  • The Globalization Institute is a liberal (in the classic sense) research institute with a pro-globalization stance. The site is new but has some research papers posted as well as a blog.
  • The Globalization Studies Network is a collection of centers, think tanks, and organizations from across the world devoted to the study of globalization. A list of participants is available here.
  • The Institute for International Economics is a leading research center focused on international economic policy, including a page devoted to globalization issues.
  • The International Forum on Globalization is a research institution concerned about the effects of globalization.
  • The International Monetary Fund has numerous publications relating to globalization and some data that may also be useful.
  • Miguel Centeno runs the International Networks Archive which examines globalization from a network analysis point of view. One of the goals of the website is to make datasets available to as wide an audience as possible. Also of interest is Growing Knowledge about Globalization, a website dedicated to data on global transactions.
  • The World Bank obviously has an interest in globalization issues. A direct link to their page on globalization can be found here.
  • The World Trade Organization is another multilateral organization with the goal of freeing trade across nations.
Globalization Resources
  • A globalization bibliography and collection of other resources is available at The Center for the Study of Global Change at Indiana University. The bibliography focuses on books so most important articles about globalization are missing.
  • Foreign Policy annually rates countries on a globalization index, available here. In 2003, the index was made up of 14 indicators in 4 categories including economic, personal, technological, and political.
  • Global Transformations is a website devoted to the book of the same name by David Held and Anthony McGrew. The site contains a brief overview of globalization along with an impressive collection of links.
  • IGLOO is a website aimed at developing solutions to governance problems through the exchange of information. They have a library with many documents related to governance as well as blogs by IGLOO members.

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