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PDA Fall Conference and Carnival 2016
Sunday, November 20, 2016
Princeton University

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About the conference

Princeton Disability Awareness (PDA) was founded in 2007 by a group of students devoted to disability awareness, education, and inclusion. Since then, they have been hosting major events on Princeton’s campus to promote this goal and to bring together the Princeton student body and the larger community.

Each fall and spring, children are invited to attend a carnival on Princeton’s campus during which they will be buddied with a Princeton student for the day. The carnival hosts a variety of activities including arts and crafts, sports, interactive games, and performances by Princeton student groups. Volunteer to child ratios are usually one-to-one. All volunteers are trained and receive individual information on their specific child. Snacks are provided and parents are required to pack a bagged lunch for their child. Please note that we are nut free.

Each fall, while the children are attending the carnival, their parents are invited to a conference on disability featuring panelists from Princeton’s faculty and experts in the field. Past Keynote speakers have included Emily Srebro, advocate and 5-time medal winner in the 2007 Shanghai, China worldwide special Olympics and Rachel Adams, author of the award winning memoir Raising Henry, and director of the Future of Disabilities Studies Project at Columbia University. Complimentary brunch is provided.

The upcoming event will be held on November 20th 2016. The carnival will feature a range of activities including art projects, carnival games, and performance acts for children to enjoy. We look forward to hosting your children! Please contact pda@princeton.edu with any questions or concerns.

This Past Fall's speakers

This past conference, our keynote speaker was Mark Farrell. Mark was born with Retinoschisis – a congenital disorder similar to Macular Degeneration. Mark hosted a NYC award winning entertainment, lifestyle and public affairs talk radio show on CD 101.9 FM and 101.9 RXP FM. Guest highlights have included Robin Williams and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Adam Krass spoke on special topics in Assistive Technology. Mr. Krass is an assistive tech consultant who has worked in a wide range of settings and can provide key insight on AT at all levels.

Finally, Professor Daniel Notterman, of the Molecular Biology Department and Peter Bell, CEO of Eden Autism Services, spoke about Autism.


Princeton Disability Awareness would like to acknowledge the generous sponsors of this year's event: