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Harold James is Claude and Lore Kelly Professor in European Studies and holds a joint appointment as professor of international affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs and Princeton's Department of History. His research focuses on economic and financial history and modern German history. Ph.D. Cambridge University.

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Carole Frantzen
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Sandra L. Bermann Sandra L. Bermann* is the Cotsen Professor of the Humanities and chair of the Department of Comparative Literature. Her current projects focus on lyric poetry, translation, the intersections between twentieth-century historiography and literary theory, and new directions in the field of comparative literature. Ph.D. Columbia University.
Sandra L. Bermann Carles Boix is a professor of politics and public affairs. His current projects include the exploration of the origins and persistence of economic inequality, the analysis of the conditions that led to the emergence of party systems and electoral institutions in advanced democracies; the application of agent-based models to understand the formation of states; and the internal structure of dictatorships. Ph.D. Harvard University.
John W. Borneman John W. Borneman* is a professor in the Department of Anthropology.  He works on issues of law and politics, memory, sexuality, kinship, and culture and international order.  He has engaged in fieldwork in Syria, Lebanon, Germany, and Central Europe.  His current work is on incest and the sexual abuse of children.  Ph.D. Harvard University.
Jan T. Gross Jan T. Gross* is the Norman B. Tomlinson ’16 and ’48 Professor of War and Society and a professor in the Department of History, studies modern Europe and focuses on comparative politics, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, Soviet and East European politics, and the Holocaust. Ph.D. Yale University, 1975.
Walter H. Hinderer Walter H. Hinderer* is a professor of German. His research interests center on German literature, philosophy, history, and politics of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. He has written extensively on German drama, poetry, literary criticism and theory, and rhetoric and political literature. Ph.D. University of Munich.
No Photo Available Marzenna James is a lecturer in the Department of Politics. She specializes in Polish-Soviet economic relations. Ph.D. Princeton University.
Harold James Jan-Werner Müller* is a professor of in the Department of Politics. His research interests include the history of modern political thought, liberalism and its critics, nationalism, and the normative dimensions of European integration. His most recent book, Contesting Democracy: Political Ideas in Twentieth-Century Europe, was published in 2011. Mueller’s other books include Constitutional Patriotism (2007), A Dangerous Mind: Carl Schmitt in Post-War European Thought (2003), and Another Country: German Intellectuals, Unification, and National Identity (2000). Ph.D. Oxford University.
Philip Nord Philip G. Nord* is the Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History in the Department of History. He is a specialist in the history of modern France. Ph.D. Columbia University.
Ezra Suleiman Grigore Pop-Eleches'* main research interests lie at the intersection between comparative and international political economy with a particular interest in Eastern Europe and Latin America. He has also worked on the rise of extremist and populist parties in recent post-communist elections, and on the role of historical legacies in East European regime change. He is currently finishing a book manuscript entitled From Crisis to Reform: The Politics of IMF Programs in Latin America and Eastern Europe. His work has also appeared in a variety of academic journals, including the Journal of Democracy, Studies in Comparative International Development, East European Politics and Society, and Comparative Political Studies. His research has been supported by grants from the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research, and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. He is an associate editor of World Politics. Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley.
Ezra Suleiman

ANDREW MORAVCSIK* is Professor of Politics and Director of the European Union Program at Princeton University. He has authored over 125 scholarly publications, including four books, on European integration, international relations theory, qualitative/historical methods, human rights, international law and organization, and other topics. His history of the European Union, The Choice for Europe, has been called "the most important work in the field" (American Historical Review).

Ezra Suleiman Ezra N. Suleiman* is the IBM Professor in International Studies and a professor in the Department of Politics. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of comparative bureaucracy, policymaking, and executive leadership. Ph.D. Columbia University.

*Member of the Executive Committee

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