The Program in African Studies offers four-term sequences of language instruction in Swahili and Twi. Completion of all four terms of a sequence will satisfy the University language requirement. Occasionally, more advanced language courses will be offered. Speaking, reading, and writing Swahili or Twi, as well as the cultural context of the African nations where these languages are spoken, are emphasized. AFS encourages students to consider study abroad during the school year or the summer to complement their language study. Princeton offers intensive intermediate Swahili instruction during the summer at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. For more information, contact Rebecca Aguas.

Courses include Elementary Swahili, SWA 101; Elementary Swahili II, SWA 102; Intermediate Swahili, SWA 105; and Intermediate Swahili II, SWA 107; Elementary Twi, TWI 101; ElementaryTwi II, TWI 102; Intermediate Twi, TWI 105; and Intermediate Twi II,TWI 107.

Princeton in Dar es Salaam

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