Fall 2015

Translation Lunch Series
Mondays at Noon in Aaron Burr Hall 216

September 21              
169: “The Art of Mistranslation”
Reif Larsen (author)

September 28              
170:  “How to Count Like Jean Valjean”
David Bellos (Princeton University)

October 5                    
171:  “Creating Copyright for Translators in the Nineteenth Century”
Michael Hoffheimer (University of Mississippi School of Law)

October 12                  
172:  “The Translatability of Gods in the Ancient World and the Question of Tolerance”
Jan Assman (University of Konstanz, Germany)

October 19                  
173:  “Translating Old Plays into Early Modern Hits: Flexible Texts and the Primacy of Audience in Li Yu’s Leisure Notes (Xianqing ouji, 1671)”
Sarah Kile (University of Michigan Society of Fellows)

October 26                  
174:  “Translating Dagestan”
Carol Apollonio (Duke University)

November 2                
Fall Break

November 9                
175:  “Emily Dickinson and the Translation of Scriptural Form”
Karen Emmerich (Princeton University)

November 16              

November 23              
176:  “George Eliot in 19th Century Russia: Views Defining Vision”
Olga Demidova (University of St. Petersburg, Russia)

November 30              
177:  “Lines of Flight: Marcel Bois Translates Waviny Laredj Translates Tahar Ouettar”
Jill Jarvis (Princeton University)

December 7                
178:  “Translating Greek Literature in Late Antiquity: The Case of Plutarch, Lucian, and Themistius in Syriac”
Alberto Rigolio (Princeton University Society of Fellows)

December 14              
179: “Negotiating Meaning at a War Crimes Tribunal and in Literary Translation”
Ellen Elias-Bursac (Translator)


Spring 2015

February 9                
Royall Tyler, Australian National University, Emeritus
“Murasaki Shikibu and Proust: On Translating The Tale of Genji”

February 16
Peter Filkins, Bard College at Simon’s Rock
“Apollo's Gaze: Toward a Theory of Translation Revision”

February 23  
Stefan Kamola, Princeton University
“The Romance of Genghis Khan: Alexander the Great in Mongol Historical Memory”

March 2
Lance Hewson, University of Geneva
“Facts, Frictions and Fictions in Translation Theory”

March 9
Erika Gilson, Princeton University, Retired
“The Quest for a Common Alphabet and Common Language for Turkic”

March 23       
Jackie Jay, Eastern Kentucky University
“From Grammar to Translation: Current Controversies in Ancient Egyptian Linguistics”

March 30       
Paul Harrison, Stanford University
Title TBD

April 6
Bryan Just, Princeton University
Title TBD

April 13         
Patrick Schwemmer, Ph.D. Candidate, Comparative Literature
And The Angel Spake unto Harunobu: Jesuit Insurrectionist Propaganda in Japanese, 1591
April 20         
Speaker TBD
Title TBD

April 27
Wendy Belcher, Princeton University
Title TBD

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