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Fall 2016

Tranlsation Lunch Series
Mondays at 12 p.m., 216 ABH

September 19 
191: From a Double Margin: Translation of Women’s Writing from Central and Eastern Europe
Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

September 26 
192:  Some Translation Challenges
Steven Rendall, Translator                                                                    

October 3 
193: Translating Viktor Shklovsky
Alexandra Berlina, Translator

October 10     
194: New Light on Darkness at Noon: What a Long Lost Manuscript Can Tell Us about the Problems of Translation
Michael Scammell, Columbia University

October 17
195: Postapocalyptic Pataphilology
Joshua Katz and Michael Gordin, Princeton University

October 24
196: Writing for Translation: Questions of Perspective in Ismail Kadare
Erica Weitzman, Northwestern University

October 31 Fall Break           

November 7                                       
197: The Ethics of Linguistic In-Betweenness
Yael Peled, McGill University

November 14
198: TBD
Jamey Gambrell, Translator

November 21             
199: TBD
Christina Lee, Princeton University

November 28             
200: Translating Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature
Uganda Kwan, Nanyang Technical University

December 5                
201: Translating an Afterlife: Stefan Sweig’s Intercultrual Capital
Bella Brodzki, Sarah Lawrence College

December 12  
202: Who Makes Mistakes?
David Bellos, Princeton University                                       

Spring 2016

Translation Lunch Series
Mondays at NOON in Aaron Burr Hall 216

Feb 1  *ABH 3rd Floor        
180: Celebrating Beyond Greek. The Beginnings of Latin Literature. Denis Feeney in Conversation with Andrew Ford
Denis Feeney (Princeton University)

Feb 8             
181: “Translating the Translator. On Borges the Translator and Borges Translated”
Alberto Manguel, (author and translator)

Feb 15                       
182: “Red T: Protecting Translators and Interpreters in High-Risk Settings”
Maya Hess (founder and CEO, Red T)       

Feb 22                       
183: “Translation, Imitation, Adaptation, or Mutilation? Robert Lowell’s Renderings of European Poets”
Michael Wachtel (Princeton University)

Feb 29                       

March 7         
184: “In Other Words. Jhumpa Lahiri in conversation with her translator Ann Goldstein”
Jhumpa Lahiri (author)

March 21       
185: Title TBD
Bradley Berman ‘16

March 28       
186: “Maksim Gorky’s World Literature Project
Maria Khomtimsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

April 4           
187: “The Life of a Professional Interpreter and Translator”
Joshua Goldsmith (University of Geneva)

April 11         
188: “Translation and the Visual Landscape of the Migrant Presence”
Moira Inghilleri (University of Massachusetts)

April 18         
189: “Translating Japanese with a Disorderly Brain” 
Jay Rubin (Harvard University)

April 25         
190: “Language Policy and the United Nations:  Diplomatic Baggage or Passport to Success?”
Lisa Atalianis (Birkbeck, University of London)

Fall 2015

Translation Lunch Series
Mondays at Noon in Aaron Burr Hall 216

September 21              
169: “The Art of Mistranslation”
Reif Larsen (author)

September 28              
170:  “How to Count Like Jean Valjean”
David Bellos (Princeton University)

October 5                    
171:  “Creating Copyright for Translators in the Nineteenth Century”
Michael Hoffheimer (University of Mississippi School of Law)

October 12                  
172:  “The Translatability of Gods in the Ancient World and the Question of Tolerance”
Jan Assman (University of Konstanz, Germany)

October 19                  
173:  “Translating Old Plays into Early Modern Hits: Flexible Texts and the Primacy of Audience in Li Yu’s Leisure Notes (Xianqing ouji, 1671)”
Sarah Kile (University of Michigan Society of Fellows)

October 26                  
174:  “Translating Dagestan”
Carol Apollonio (Duke University)

November 2                
Fall Break

November 9                
175:  “Emily Dickinson and the Translation of Scriptural Form”
Karen Emmerich (Princeton University)

November 16              

November 23              
176:  “George Eliot in 19th Century Russia: Views Defining Vision”
Olga Demidova (University of St. Petersburg, Russia)

November 30              
177:  “Lines of Flight: Marcel Bois Translates Waviny Laredj Translates Tahar Ouettar”
Jill Jarvis (Princeton University)

December 7                
178:  “Translating Greek Literature in Late Antiquity: The Case of Plutarch, Lucian, and Themistius in Syriac”
Alberto Rigolio (Princeton University Society of Fellows)

December 14              
179: “Negotiating Meaning at a War Crimes Tribunal and in Literary Translation”
Ellen Elias-Bursac (Translator)

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