Sada Aksartova
Civil Society from Abroad: U.S. Donors in the former Soviet Union

Tania Gordeev
The Letter as Inserted Genre in the Russian Literary Tradition

Sarah Beth Mohler-Kube
A Prosaics of the Mind's Eye: Reader Visualization, Perspective Engagement, and the Visual Ethics of Tolstoy's War and Peace

Cole Crittenden
Theatre in Time: The Meta-Temporal Drama of Chekhov, Vvedensky, and Hevel

Laura Elaine Davies
A Construction-Grammatical Analysis of Impersonalization in Russian

Sarah Clovis-Bishop
The Book of Poems in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature: Khodasevich, Gippius and Shvarts

Jeanette Koenig
A Diachronic Analysis of the Interaction of Syllabification and Jer Vocalization

Eva Rottman
The Mary Stuart Myth in 20th Century Russian Literature

Stephanie Harves
Unaccusative Syntax in Russian

Cynthia Hooper
Popular Participation and Political Control: The Soviet Configuration, in Terror and Beyond

Eric McGlinchey
Ordering Central Asian Transitions: Regime Change in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Alexander Sokolowski
Bankrupt Government: The Politics of Budgetary Irresponsibility in Yeltsin’s Russia

Brian K. Stimmler
A Diachronic Analysis of the Russian Short Form Active Participle: the Syntax of Absolutes and Bare Predicate Adjuncts

Edit Noemi Jakab
The Modality of Nonfinite Clauses in Slavic and Finno-Ugric

Abigail Wildman Konopasky
A Syntacto-Morphological Analysis of Dependent Heads in Slavic

Inessa Medzhibovskaya
Tolstoy’s Projects of Transcendence (Reading the Conversion)

Val Vinokurov
The Ghost of Judaism: Reading Russian Literature after Levinas

David Freedel
A Comparative Pedagogical Analysis of Introductory Russian Language Textbooks

Ludmila Shleyfe Lavine
From the Lyric to the Epic: Some Trends in Early Twentieth-century Russian poema

Nicole Marie Monnier
The Man Who Became a Myth: The Canonization of Vissarion Belinsky in the Russian Literary Tradition

Amy Randall
The Campaign for Soviet Trade: Creating Socialist Retail Trade in the 1930s

Thomas Thurston Cunningham
Terrible Visions: The Sublime Image of Ivan the Terrible in Russian Opera

Robert Denniston Crews
Allies in God's Command: Muslim Communities and the State in Imperial Russia

Loretta Dawn Fleurs
Education Reform in Moscow Secondary Schools, 1958-1964

Eugeny V. Pavlov
The Shock of Memory: Walter Benjamin, Osip Mandelstam, and the Mnemonic Sublime

Naomi Jennifer Rood
The Many and the One: Fathers and Sons in Homeric Epic (with an Epilogue on Tolstoy's War and Peace)

Andrew Scott Barnes
Property and Politics: Privatization, Land Reform, and Institutional Development in Russia, 1900-1996

Craig Cravens
Pushkin’s Evgenij Onegin, Dostoevsky’s Besy, Capek’s Hordubal, and Kundera’s Zert: The First-Person Novel in Czech and Russian Literature

Jeffrey K. Hass
To the Undiscovered Country: Institutions, Authority, Culture and Russia's Transition to the Market, 1988-1997

Francine Hirsch
Empire of Nations: Colonial Technologies and the Making of the Soviet Union, 1917-1939

Nina Khrushcheva
The Symbolic Art of Dickens and Gogol

Marjorie McShane
Ellipsis in Slavic: The Syntax-Discourse Interface

Anthony Prather
Platonov’s Chevengur and the Soviet Literary World of the 1920s

Gabriela Safran
Narratives of Jewish Acculturation in the Russian Empire: Bogrov, Orzeszkow, Leskov, Chekhov

Kara Stibora Fulcher
Walling In and Walling Out: The Politics and Propaganda of the Second Berlin Crisis, 1958-1962

Juliet Ellen Johnson
A Fistful of Rubles: Institutional Change in the Russian Banking Systems, 1987-1996

Simon Alexander Morrison
Russian Opera and Symbolist Poetics

Margarita Mercedes Balmaceda
Soviet Latin American Studies from the Cuban Revolution to “New Thinking,” 1961-1991

Marzenna K. James
Foreign Economic Policies for Small States: The Political Dimension of Polish-Soviet Economic Relations in the Years 1945-1995

Loren Allen Billings
Approximation in Russian and the Single-Word Constraint

Robert David English
Russia Views The West: The Intellectual and Political Origins of Soviet New Thinking

Katarzyna Elzbieta Jerzak
Exilic Space in the Works of E. M. Cioran, Witold Gombrowicz, Saint-John Perse, Giorgio De Chirico, and Andrei Tarkovsky

Steven Thaddeus Wlodek
Adventure in the Works of Thomas Mann

Paul Thomas Christensen
Industrial Russia Under the New Regimes: Labor Relations and Democratization, 1985-1993

Yitzhak M. Brudny
Russian Nationalist Intellectuals and the Soviet State: The Rise and Fall of the Politics of Inclusion, 1953-1990

James Michael McCann
Scholarly Survivors: The Politics of Contemporary History In Poland, 1944-1981

Victoria Averil Velkoff
Trends and Differentials in Infant Mortality in the Soviet Union for the Years, 1970-1988

Deborah A. Kaple
Emulating Control: The Stalinist Origins of Chinese Industrial Organization Management, 1949-1953

Karl Philip Mueller
Strategy, Asymmetric Deterrence, and Accommodation: Middle Powers and Security in Modern Europe

Richard Gordon Thorpe
The Management of Culture in Revolutionary Russia: The Imperial Theaters and the State, 1897-1928

Lynne Rogers
Stravinsky’s Alternative Approach to Counterpoint

Claudia Rae Jensen
Nikolai Diletskii’s “Grammatika” (Grammar) and the Musical Culture of Seventeenth-Century Muscovy

Anna Alexeevna Tavis
Rainer Maria Rilke's Dialogues with Russia

Lea Keil Garson
The Centenarian Question: Old-Age Mortality in the Soviet Union, 1897 to 1970

Michael Kraus
The Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and the Second World War: The Foundations of Communist Rule

Maya B. Hermann-Sekulic
The Fall of Hyperbaton: Parodic and Revisionary Strategies in Bely, Joyce and Mann

Patricia Margaret Troxel
Theater of Adultery: Studies in Modern Drama from Ibsen to Stoppard

Christpher Murphy Declan
The Theory of The Visual Arts in Old Russia

Hiroaki Kuromiya
Politics and Social Change in Soviet Industry During the “Revolution From Above,” 1928-1931

Hugh Jeffrey Leonard
Pollution, Industrial Development and Comparative Advantage: A Re-Evaluation

Michael Mastanduno
Between Economics and National Security: The Western Politics of East-West Trade

Michael Leigh Metteer
Desire in Fictional Communities

P.H. Atwood
Utopian Socialism in Russian Literature of the 1840's

Vladimir N. Brovkin
The Menshevik Opposition to the Bolshevik Regime and the Dilemma of Soviet Power, October 1917-January 1919

Sally E. Ewing
Social Insurance in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1912-1933: A Study of Legal Form and Administrative Practice

William Benjamin Husband
The Nationalization of the Textile Industry of Soviet Russia, 1917-1920: Industrial Administration and the Workers During the Russian Civil War

Theodore Craig Levin
The Music and Tradition of the Bukharan Shashmaqam in Soviet Uzbekistan

Lars Thomas Lih
Bread and Authority in Russia: Food Supply and Revolutionary Politics, 1914-1921

Lynne Viola
The Campaign of the 25,000ers: A Study of the Collectivization of Soviet Agriculture, 1929-1931

Steven Laurence Hoch
Serfdom and Social Control in Nineteenth Century Russia: Petrovskoe, a Village in Tambov

Nicolas Schidlovsky
The Notated Lenten Prosomoia in the Byzantine and Slavic Traditions

Chang Kuo Tuan
Russia and the Making of Modern China, 1900-1916

George Martin Armstrong, Jr.
The Right to Control Property and the Construction of Communism: Property in the U.S.S.R.

Richard Marion Arnold, Jr.
S. P. Sevyrev as an Official Nationalist Critic

Ronay Istvan Csicsery, Jr.
The Realistic Historical Novel and the Mythology of Liberal Nationalism: Scott, Manzoni, Eotvos, Kemeny, Tolstoy

Gary Richard Waxmonsky
Police and Politics in Soviet Society, 1921-1929

Diane Conley
The Role of the City in Andrei Bely's Petersburg, Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, and Louis Aragon's Le paysan de Paris

Adele Lindenmeyer
Public Poor Relief and Private Charity in Late Imperial Russia

Anne Dickason Rassweiler
Dneprostroi, 1927-1932: A Model of Soviet Socialist Planning and Construction

Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Cognition and National Destiny in the Major Novels of Herman Melville and Andrej Belyj

Steven Dennis Cassedy
The Novel of Fragmentation: Belyj, Rilke, and Proust

Shaheen Fatemah Dil
Great Power Interaction in Local Crises: Soviet-American-Chinese Participation in South Asia

Thomas Anthony Jones
Higher Education and Social Stratification in the Soviet Union

John Brown
A Provincial Landowner: A.T. Bolotov (1738-1833)

Arthur Benoit Eklof
Spreading the Word: Primary Education and the Zemstvo in Moscow Province, 1864-1910

Patrick Llewellyn McGuire
Red Stars: Political Aspects of Soviet Science Fiction

Stanley Frank Plewes
Semantic Invariance and Case Function in Czech and Russian

Neil Bruce Weissman
State, Estate and Society in Tsarist Russia: The Question of Local Government, 1900-1908

Shirley Ann Gutry
An Approach to The Master And Margarita through the Creative Prose and the Letters of M. A. Bulgakov.

Stephen P. Hoffmann
National Tradition and the Development of the German Democratic Republic: 1945-71

Samuel David Kassow
The Russian University in Crisis: 1899-1911

Ronald Haly Linden
Normative Integration in an International Region: East Europe and Romania, 1965-1969

Orest Pelech
Toward a Historical Sociology of the Ukrainian Ideologues in the Russian Empire of the 1830's and 1840's

Louis Michael Bell
Janos Arany’s Toldi: An Introductory Essay and Translation

Adam Broner
Economic Integration in Eastern Europe

Faith Campbell
The Press and the Self Management Movement in Yugoslavia

Robert William Hansen
Images of American Foreign Policy: 1960-1972

Carol Weiss Lewis
Politics and the Budget in Soviet Cities

Samuel Sher-Gerson
“Praxis” and Marxist Criticism in Socialist Yugoslavia

Edward Lothrop Warner III
The Military in Contemporary Soviet Politics: An Institutional Analysis

James Lawrence West
The Moscow Progressists: Russian Industrialists in Liberal Politics, 1905-1914

Steven H. Allister
The Reform of Higher Education in Russia During the Reign of Nicholas I, 1825-1855

Barbara Ann Anderson
Internal Migration in a Modernizing Society: The Case of Late Nineteenth-Century European Russia

Ziyad Ibrahim Husami
The Marxian Theory of Alienation

Birgitta Maria Ingemanson
On Pushkin and Travel Literature: Puteshestvie v Arzrum

Emily Ruth Klenin
Russian Reflexive Pronouns and the Semantic Roles of Noun Phrases in Sentences

David E. Langsam
Pressure Group Politics in NEP Russia: The Case of the Trade Unions

David Miller
City and State – Muscovite Society: Iaroslavl, 1649-1699

James Mulira
The Role of Soviet Bloc Countries in the Political, Economic and Social Developments of Uganda, 1945-1970

Elizabeth Cowan Pickering
The International Harvester Company in Russia: A Case Study of a Foreign Corporation in Russia from the 1860's to the 1930's

Ronald F. Feldstein
The Prosodic System of Common Slavic

Colin Meredith
The Qajar Response to Russia’s Military Challenge, 1804-28

David Warren Paul
Nationalism, Pluralism, and Schweikism in Czechoslovakia’s Political Culture

Frederick William Skinner
City Planning in Russia: The Development of Odessa, 1789-1892

Kenneth Charles Taylor
The Reorganisation of the Soviet Command System for Total War: 1939-1941

Carol L. Anschuetz
Word Creation in Kotik Letaev and Krescenyi Kitaec

Ellen Bell Chances
The Ideology of “Pocvinnichestvo” in Dostoevskij’s Journals “Vremja” and “Epoxa”

Richard Allen Nordahl
The Soviet Model of Monopoly Capitalist Politics

Nicholas Rzhevsky
Herzen in Russian Literature

Daniel Tarschys
The End of Politics: Marxist Thought on the Withering Away of the State

Robert James Abbott
Police Reform in Russia, 1858-1878

Virginia Heron Bennett
The Russian Tradition of Nineteenth Century Literary Memoirs and Andrej Belyj's “Vospominanija o A. A. Bloke”

Ralph Brooks Levering
Prelude to Cold War: American Attitudes Toward Russia During World War II

Priscilla Ann Meyer
Aksenov and Soviet Prose of the 1950’s and 1960’s

John Wesley Atwell, Jr.
The Jury System and its Role in Russia’s Legal, Social, and Political Development from 1857 to 1914

John D. Bell
The Agrarian Movement in Bulgaria, 1899-1918

Lewis Jules Bernhardt
Chapters in the History of the Hebrew Literary Renaissance in Russia (1892 - 1924): Hebrew Renaissance Poetry in Russian Translation

Gregory Guroff
The State and Industrialization in Russian Economic Thought 1909-1914

Gary Kern
Lev Lunc, Serapion Brother

Michael K. Launer
Word-Formation in the Russian Adverb

James Craig McClelland
Bolsheviks, Professors, and the Reform of Higher Education in Soviet Russia, 1917-1921

Walter Downing Connor
Deviance, Control, and Social Policy in the USSR

John Earl Malmstad
The Poetry of Andrej Belyj: A Variorum Edition

Elliott Dunbar Mossman
The Prose of Boris Pasternak

Toivo Uelo Raun
The Revolution of 1905 and the Movement for Estonian National Autonomy, 1896-1907

Joseph Benjamin Dees
Content and Expression in the Poetry of Baratynskij

Elizabeth Phelps Sessions
The Language of Two Versions of the First Six Chapters of the Skazanie Avraamija Palicyna

S. Frederick Starr
Decentralization and Self-Government in Russia, 1855-1865

Donald Marvin Borchert
A Discussion Relating to Humanization: The Means-End Program of Karl Marx Analyzed on the Basis of his Major Works; The Means-End Program of Karl Marx Criticized from the Standpoint of Arthur Koestler's Life and Thought; The Post-Communist Criticism of Arthur Koestler Viewed from a Christian Theological Perspective [Princeton Theological Seminary]

Roger Edward Kanet
The Soviet Union and Sub-Saharan Africa: Communist Policy Toward Africa, 1917-1965

William Allison Douglas
The K.P.D. Against Rearmament: The Role of the West German Communist Party in the Soviet Campaign Against West German Rearmament, 1949-1953

Irving Mordecai Zeitlin
Nondogmatic Marxism: A Study in the Sociological Theory and Method of Karl Marx

Paul Joseph Hollander
New Man and his Enemies – A Study of the Stalinist Conceptions of Good and Evil Personified

Hassan Ali Mirreh
Soviet Foreign Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Andrew C. Janos
Hungary: 1867-1939, A Study of Social Change and the Political Process

George Levings Yaney
The Imperial Russian Government and the Stolypin Land Reform

William Leslie Blackwell
Alexander I and Poland: The Foundations of his Polish Policy and its Repercussions in Russia, 1801-1825

Frederick J. Yeager
The USSR And NATO: A Study in the Implementation of Soviet Foreign Policy

Yaroslav Bilinsky
Ukrainian Nationalism and Soviet Nationality Policy after World War II

Peter B. Putnam
Seven Britons in Russia (1698-1812): A Critical Anthology in the Field of Anglo-Russian Relations

Patrick Joseph Kelleher
The Holy Crown of Hungary

Thomas Albert Sebeck
Finnish and Hungarian Case Systems: Their Form and Function

Theodore H. von Laue
The Beginning of Social Insurance in Imperial Germany: A Study of Social Adjustment in the Dynastic State

Chi Yu Wu
China, Russia, and Central Asia: A Study of Political and Diplomatic Relations

Joseph John Raymond
Designations of the Time in Balto-Slavic

Frederic Turnbull Wood
The Accentuation of Nominal Compounds in Lithuanian




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