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Spring 2007 Luncheon Seminars
Date Presenter Title
February 15, 2007 William Easterly,
New York University
"Artificial States"
March 1, 2007 Dani Rodrik,
J.F.K. School of Government
Harvard University
"What Kind of Globalization?"
March 15, 2007 Gay Seidman,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Citizens, Markets and Transnational Labor Activism: Monitoring Sweatshops in Guatemala, India, and South Africa"
March 29, 2007 Michael Bratton,
Michigan State University
"Popular Attitudes to Democracy in Africa: Formal or Informal?"
April 12, 2007 Ashutosh Varshney,
University of Michigan
"Social Policy and Ethnic Conflict"
April 26, 2007 David Waldner,
University of Virginia
"Endogenizing Democracy and Development: Some Mechanisms and Some Cases"

Fall 2006 Luncheon Seminars
Presenter Title
Sept. 28, 2006 Scott Mainwaring, University of Notre Dame "Why Regions of the World are Important: Regional Specificities and Region-Wide Diffusion of Democracy
Oct. 12, 2006 Eva Bellin,
Hunter College, CUNY
"Arbitrating Identity: High Courts and the Politics of Dual Inspiration in Israel, Egypt, and Pakistan"
Oct. 26, 2006 Barbara Stallings,
Brown University
"The Political Economy of Structural Reforms in Latin America: What Went Wrong?"
Nov. 9, 2006 Kanchan Chandra,
New York University
"The Weakness of Explicit Ethnic Appeals"
Dec. 7, 2006 Valerie Bunce,
Cornell University
"When American Democracy Promotion Works: Electoral Revolutions in Postcommunist Europe"
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