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Spring 2008 Luncheon Seminars
Date Presenter Title
February 13, 2008 Steve Wilkinson, University of Chicago
"Colonial Legacies and Democratic Outcomes"
February 27, 2008 Mary Gallagher, University of Michigan
"Legislating Harmony? Rule of Law and Authoritarian Politics in China?"
March 12, 2008 Peter Lewis,
American University
March 26, 2008 Melissa Nobles,
April 9, 2008 Jim Mahoney, Northwestern University
April 23, 2008 Ellen Lust-Okar,
Yale University

Fall 2007 Luncheon Seminars
Presenter Title
October 3, 2007 Adam Przeworski,
New York University
"Political Rights, Property Rights, and Economic Development"
October 24, 2007 Peter Evans,
University of California, Berkeley
"Is It Labor's Turn to Globalize? 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities"
November 14, 2007 Patrick Heller,
Brown University
"Towards a Comparative Theory of Civil Society and Democracy: India, South Africa and Some Glances at Brazil"
November 28, 2007 Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University
"Albert O. Hirschman and the Making of Development"
December 12, 2007 Mayling Birney,
Yale University
"Experimenting with Local Democratic Institutions in Authoritarian Regimes: The Political Ramifications of China's Village Elections"
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