2004-05 Fellows

Stephanie Dashiell ’03

Provita – Caracas and Margarita Island, Venezuela

Stephanie Dashiell Stephanie Dashiell majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology while at Princeton and her work at Provita has focused on the development of an environmental education program on Margarita Island. The purpose of this program is to impart change in the attitudes and actions of local residents towards two species of endangered parrots that reside on the island. In addition to her education work, Stephanie has been working on a manuscript for presentation at the Society of Conservation Biology conference. Her future plans include attending graduate school for further studies in the human-environment relationship.

Alison Epting ’04

Human Rights Watch – Santiago, Chile

Alison EptingA Woodrow Wilson School graduate, Alison Epting brings a wealth of international experience to her PiLA fellowship, having studied and worked in Beijing, Paris, Budapest, and Madrid. Her work at Human Rights Watch has focused on monitoring human rights developments in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela, including the ongoing process of justice for abuses committed under the Pinochet regime. Alison reports that “my fellowship has been a bridge linking my education and future plans, and will allow me to enter law school with a clear idea of my academic and professional priorities.”

Marcos Gonzales ’04

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) – Lima, Peru

 Marcos Gonzales After majoring in Economics and earning a certificate in Latin American Studies, Marcos Gonzales has been involved in several microfinance projects at Innovations for Poverty Action in Lima. He is currently running a study dealing with the decision-making strategies of microentrepenuers in a large marketplace, as well as an evaluation of training sessions given in a microfinance institution dedicated to women’s empowerment. Substantial fieldwork during his fellowship has reaffirmed Marcos’ commitment to pursuing a career in economic development.

Michelle Hemmat ’04

Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress – San Jose, Costa Rica

Michelle Hemmat Michelle Hemmat studied public health policy in the Woodrow Wilson School and is currently coordinating a project in this field at the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress. She is developing a breast and cervical cancer prevention program in two indigenous communities, which will include an education campaign, the training of medical personnel, and the provision of equipment. Michelle is learning “how research and policy recommendations are translated into action” and is planning on attending medical school in the fall.

Elyse Kovalsky ’04

CIES Salud Sexual y Reproductiva – La Paz, Bolivia

Elyse Kovalsky Elyse Kovalsky is building upon her study of maternal and children’s health in the Woodrow Wilson School during her fellowship at CIES, an NGO focusing on sexual and reproductive health through the provision of medical and educational services. Her work has included developing health education programs with Aymara women and street children as well as helping CIES’ educators make changes in their high school and youth sexual education programs. Elyse describes her fellowship experience as “an unparalleled base for beginning a career in either domestic or international policymaking.”

Lauren Lister ’04

Sapientis – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lauren Lister Lauren Lister majored in Politics and studied in Mexico and Argentina while at Princeton. Lauren is currently serving as Development Coordinator at Sapientis, a non-profit organization which seeks to improve public education in Puerto Rico by placing young teachers in low-income communities. Her responsibilities include researching potential donors, writing proposals, and creating and maintaining fundraising systems. Lauren plans to attend law school when she finishes her PiLA fellowship and possibly work in international or immigration law.

Honorary PiLA Fellows

Fernando Delgado ’04

Viva Rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Also winner of Henry Richardson Labouisse '26 Prize

Fernando Delgado Fernando, who is from Brasilia, Brazil, earned a degree in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and a certificate in Latin American studies. He will use his award to work with Viva Rio, a human rights organization in Rio de Janeiro, and with Human Rights Watch to monitor conditions in the city's child detention centers. Delgado will assist in Viva Rio's educational and community development efforts, compiling the best practices used in efforts to rehabilitate youth offenders.

Matt Goldberg ’04

Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre and the Machado-Joseph Research Division and Clinic – Porto Alegre, Brazil
Also winner of a Fulbright Grant

Matt Goldberg A native of Tuscon, Arizona, Matt graduated with a major in anthropology, and also was winner of the Stanley J. Stein Latin American Studies thesis prize. Matt will spend the next year working in the Genetics and Neurology Division of the Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil. He’ll be studying individuals with Machado Joseph Disease, a rare, degenerative neurological disorder similar to Huntington’s Disease. Matt’s research is aimed at “understanding why people come in for testing and what they do after the test – relationship issues, economic issues, reproductive issues and more.”