2005-06 Fellows

Adam Abelson ’05

Human Rights Watch – Santiago, Chile

Adam Abelson A Wilson School major with a certificate in Latin American Studies, Adam will work for Human Rights Watch in Santiago, Chile, where he studied abroad during the spring of 2004. He spent the summer of 2004 in El Salvador working on a democracy-building project, and his thesis examined the transnationalism of Salvadoran youth gangs. While at Princeton, he was been involved in the Sailing Team, the Idealistic Nation, the College Democrats, and the Student Global AIDS Campaign. After his year in Chile, Adam intends to enter law school and pursue a career in public policy.

Alicia Barker-Aguilar ’03

Mexican Institute for Family and Population Research (IMIFAP) – Mexico City, Mexico

A native of Houston, Alicia received a BA in Politics with certificates in Political Economy, French, and European Politics and Society. She recently received her Masters degree at Sciences-Po, where her studies have been conducted in Paris, France and Monterrey, Mexico. She is interested in US foreign policy towards Mexico and the European Union, as well as recent developments in EU-Mexican relations. A lover of languages, she would like a career with an international focus that will take her to various organizations and locations. After her PILA fellowship, Alicia plans to move to Washington, DC.

Melissa del Aguila ’05

Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress – San Jose, Costa Rica

Melissa del Aguila Hailing from Washington, D.C., Melissa graduated with a degree in Politics with a certificate in Latin American Studies. As an undergrad she was on the Club Field Hockey team and worked as an Academic Peer Advisor, a Peer Health Advisor, and a Peer Mediator in the University's newly established Peer Mediation Program. Melissa dedicated the past two summers to working as a program and research assistant on projects relating to refugees and internally displaced persons, human rights, and conflict analysis, particularly as they relate to Latin America. She hopes to use her education and work experience to initiate positive change and provide advocacy in Latin America and beyond, specifically in terms of public policy, government relations, conflict management and human rights.

August Petrillo ’02

Asociación para el Desarollo Social (ADESO) – La Plata, Argentina

August Petrillo An Economics major with a certificate in Computer Science from Bedford, New York, August is a former wall-streeter with experience at several bulge-bracket firms. He is thrilled to be working in microfinance in Argentina, helping to expand the Southern Cone economy from the grassroots. He hopes to gain some understanding of small business in Latin America along the way. After his PiLA fellowship, August plans to attend business school.

Danielle Rowland ’05

Fundación Chana y Samuel Levis – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Danielle Rowland Danielle Rowland majored in Politics with a certificate in Latin American Studies from Shirley, New York. She is interested in development, ethnic conflict, education, criminal justice, and anything else that can help transform society to benefit all who live in it. She is excited to work with the Fundacion Chana y Samuel Levis next year in improving the education of Puerto Rican youth. Danielle hopes to study public policy after her fellowship year at the Fundacion and devote her career to the non-profit sector.

Crystal Scialla ’05

Fundación Chana y Samuel Levis – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Crystal Scialla Crystal Scialla is from Flemington, New Jersey. While at Princeton, she majored in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs. During the spring semester of her junior year, she studied abroad in Santiago, Chile, where she volunteered at an orphanage for HIV positive children. The summer after her junior year she continued her stay in Santiago to intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for which she conducted research on the US-Chile Free Trade Agreement. Her plans after PiLA are unsure, though they may include law school, with concentration on international human rights law, or a masters in public policy. She hopes to someday enter a field where she can work towards the development of Latin American nations, especially the advancement of women's and children's rights.

Abigail Williams ’05

Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress – San Jose, Costa Rica

Abigail Williams Abby Williams majored in History with a Spanish certificate, and is originally from Norwood, New Jersey. She studied abroad in Greece and Spain as an undergraduate, but her interest in Latin America moved her to write her senior thesis about the Chilean women’s movement against Pinochet. For the past two summers has interned at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which inspired her to change her career focus to the field of public health. She is very excited to explore this interest more with the Arias Foundation in Costa Rica next year, where she will be working to implement a pilot breast and cervical cancer prevention program on an indigenous reservation.