2007-08 Fellows

David Cobey ’07

Funcedescri, San Lucas Zacatepecas, Guatemala

David Cobey At Princeton, David majored in Economics and spent a semester in Argentina, studying at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and Universidad de Buenos Aires. He was also a Fleet Captain of the Princeton Sailing Team, sat on the Mathey Collage Council, and did several community-service break trips during his undergraduate years. David will be working with Funcedescri, a grassroots organization in rural Guatemala which focuses on malnutrition alleviation through sustainable agriculture among three groups of Quechua Maya Indians.

Rachel Goldstein ’07

Escuela Farallón, Veracruz, Mexico

Rachel majored in the History of Science, with an emphasis on Psychology.  Her extensive volunteer work has focused in large part on working with children and includes many hours spent at the Eden Institute and in Trenton at Angel’s Wings, a program which meets the needs of children in fostercare.  In her spare time, Rachel enjoys playing tennis.  She plans to become a clinical psychologist, working with underserved populations.  Rachel will be teaching English to elementary school children near Veracruz, Mexico.

Alisha Holland ’07

Human Rights Watch-FLACSO, Santiago, Chile

Alisha HollandA native of Amherst, Massachusetts, Alisha graduated with a degree in the Woodrow Wilson School and a certificate in Latin American Studies.  Her passion for Latin American politics took her across the Southern Hemisphere as an undergraduate, from Chile to study campaign finance reform on a Sigmund grant to El Salvador to research gang violence for her senior thesis.  Most recently, she received an Arthur Liman fellowship to work on a project to establish property rights in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.  She was awarded this year’s Pyne Prize as well as the Stanley Stein Thesis Prize.  Alisha hopes her year at Human Rights Watch will help her decide whether to pursue graduate study in comparative politics or international law.  Regardless, she is confident that her PiLA fellowship will be the beginning of a career of engagement with the region.

Jane Hong ’07

Endeavor Global, Santiago, Chile

Jane HongJane hails from Houston, Texas and will be working for Endeavor Global in their Santiago, Chile office.  Endeavor is a non-profit headquartered in New York City with offices throughout Latin America, Turkey, South Africa, and even more recently, India and Cairo, Egypt.  Endeavor specializes in searching and supporting entrepreneurial ventures in emerging markets in order to strengthen economies, create new job opportunities, and facilitate an entrepreneurial spirit locally within the countries it operates.  At Princeton, Jane majored in Politics with a certificate in Spanish.  She spent a summer abroad studying in Alicante, Spain, and her senior thesis was entitled, "The Loot Effect: The Role of Resources in Rebellion."  Upon finishing her year-long fellowship in Santiago and with a little more work experience, Jane hopes to return to graduate school for an MBA.

Christina Lara ’07

Convivencia Educativa, Mexico City, Mexico

Christina LaraChristina Lara will be working in Mexico City with Convivencia Educativa, an educational development organization that seeks to improve rural education throughout the country. Apart from growing up in San Diego, a notoriously unique border city, her interest in the Latin American continent has developed over the extended periods of time she has spent living and studying in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Argentina. As a student at Princeton University, Christina pursued a degree in Comparative Literature combining the study of the Spanish, French and Portuguese languages with her interest in Post-Colonial literature and theory. Christina also spent the summers following her sophomore and junior years in Paris as a researcher for European educational programs and a representative of an international company. With her formation based heavily in theory and research, she is looking forward to gaining concrete experience in the educational field. After her fellowship with PiLA, Christina plans to pursue a master’s degree in Globalization and Latin America.

Erin Lough ’07

Amazon Conservation Association, Los Amigos, Peru

Erin LoughErin is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major from Minneapolis, MN. She has participated in many previous international volunteer internships. The first was with the UN's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission for coastal resource management in Bangkok, Thailand (2005) where she worked to assess and manage the coastal damage of the recent tsunami. Another was with Child Family Health International (2006) where she volunteered in various hospitals in the area. For her senior thesis, Erin studied microbial biofilm community structures of samples she had collected while scuba diving on shipwrecks in Cyprus. Her thesis won the Leslie Kilham Johnson Book Prize in EEB. She is very excited to be working for the Amazon Conservation Association in Los Amigos, Peru, as a Princeton in Latin America Fellow. After her Fellowship she plans to go on to medical school and become a physician.

Ethan McCreary ’07

Endeavor Global, Mexico City, Mexico

Ethan McCrearyEthan is a native of Los Angeles and majored at the Woodrow Wilson School while at Princeton.  Prior to PiLA, he interned on Capitol Hill, for the International Finance department at City National Bank in Los Angeles, and for the NGO, Ayuda en Accion, in Madrid Spain.  His passion for international development, Latin culture, adventure, and entrepreneurialism led him to Endeavor Mexico, his PiLA fellowship.  At Endeavor Mexico, Ethan is participating in the screening process of some Mexico’s most dynamic entrepreneurs as they hope to win the services/support of the Endeavor network.  Post-PiLA, he hopes to start his own business, and eventually, enter politics.

Lee Popkin ’07

Escuela Farallón, Veracruz, Mexico

Lee Popkin graduated with a degree in English and a certificate in Spanish. During her time at Princeton, Lee participated in various English as a Second Language tutoring programs, and is excited to teach English next year in Mexico. Lee plans to attend law school after completing her PiLA fellowship.

Maria Luz Porcella '07

Endeavor Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia

Maria Luz will be spending her first post-graduate year in Bogotá, Colombia, where she and another fellow will be the first PiLA fellows in Colombia.  Her academic background is in History.  In her native Dominican Republic, she was on the National Team for golf and also participated for four years in Helping Hands, a community outreach program. Maria Luz brings a strong background in finance and assets management to Endeavor, a private-sector development NGO focused on finding and supporting High Impact Entrepreneurs.

Meghan Prin ’06

Child-Family Health International, Quito, Ecuador

Erin LoughMeghan is the summer intern this year at PiLA. Meghan is currently a medical student at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, in New Brunswick. This summer she spent eight weeks working in hospitals and rural clinics of Ecuador as a student intern with Child Family Health International. She is especially interested in emergency medicine and public health education, and hopes to learn more about the differences between urban and rural healthcare as well as healthcare disparities in developing countries. She also hopes to return to South America as soon as possible!

Becky Quintal ’07

Indemaya, Mérida, Mexico

Becky QuintalBecky is an architecture major from New Orleans, Louisiana.  Though she was raised in the United States, Becky was born in Mexico and considers both places home.  This likely influenced her passion for languages -- she was studied Spanish, German, and Portuguese, and recently tutored English and SAT prep in Shanghai -- though the architecture student inside her considers design among her primary interests.  Becky is excited to be returning to her birthplace in Yucatan working for INDEMAYA, where she will focus on marketing and promoting Mayan cultural awareness.  At the completion of her PiLA fellowship, Becky hopes to pursue a career in architecture or design.

Katrina Rogachevsky ’07

Center for Legal Services for Women (CENSEL), Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic

Katrina RogachevskyKatrina Rogachevsky was a Politics major and completed a certificate in Political Theory. While at Princeton she was involved with social justice efforts including fundraisers for the people of Darfur, Sudan, the Princeton University's LGBT Center's Peer Education Program, and the annual production of The Vagina Monologues on campus.  Katrina has a strong interest in issues of public policy, social justice, and law.  After her fellowship she hopes to either continue work in the non-profit world, or return to school to study public policy or law.

David Stopher ’07

National Association of Financial Institutions, (ANIF), Bogotá, Colombia

David StopherDavid, part of the inaugural year of Colombian fellowships, will be working at ANIF, under the supervision of Carlos Rojas WWS *02.  A proud native of Louisville, Kentucky, David Stopher graduated with a degree in History and certificates in Latin American Studies, Spanish, African American Studies, and Finance.  After having the great privilege of serving as a PiLA fellow, David will do something as yet entirely undetermined, but it will be something interesting.

Colyn Watkins '07

Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Colyn Watkins Colyn Watkins is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Madison, Wisconsin. Colyn’s interest in public health and epidemiology has led him to Sao Paulo, Brazil. There he will be part of a research team conducting HIV drug and vaccine trials. Colyn hopes to pursue a career in medicine after his PiLA fellowship.

Maegan Zitren ’07

ProPeru, Urubamba and Cuzco, Peru

Maegan ZitrenA native of San Diego, California, Maegan graduated with a degree in Politics in the focus of International Relations and with a certificate in Spanish Language and Culture.  As an undergraduate Maegan was a member of the Varsity Women’s Water Polo team. Maegan is now working with Pro Peru, a non-profit organization, whose volunteers work on various tasks in poor communities in the Urubamba Valley. She has an interest in helping to create sustainable develop in the region and hopefully having such development become a model for similar areas in Andean regions.  After working for PiLA, Maegan hopes to work in the non-profit sector or attend graduate school.