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Next Event: Wednesday, October 19
"Islamist Movements and Ethnic Politics"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Jones 102
Presenter: Onur Günay (NES)
Prof. Julia Elyachar (ANT)

A light lunch will be served.


Islamist Movements and Ethnic Politics” discusses the place of ethnic politics in the rise of Islamist movements through research on political Islam and Kurds in Turkey. The discussion will focus on an article co-authored with my colleague, sociologist Erdem Yörük, which presents a synthesis of macro-sociological and ethnographic data and analyses. It is currently under review at the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies. In the article, we ask what it is that determines the Islamist road to power. One important aspect of Islamist mobilization has been significantly underexplored in the literature: Islamists’ promise to resolve, through cooptation or repression, ethnic/national questions, which remain unresolved in secularist nation-states. We argue that the extent to which Islamists resolve ethnic/national questions significantly determines their success in establishing broader hegemony, mostly through electoral politics.


About the PISC

The Princeton Islamic Studies Colloquium is a forum for discussion and peer review of graduate students' research projects and guest scholars' works-in-progress in the field of Islamic Studies. The Islamic Studies Colloquium formed in the spring of 2009 with the hope of encouraging an interdepartmental discussion and circulation of ideas among graduate students and professors with an interest in Islamic Studies.

The colloquium meets once or twice a month over lunch to discuss a pre-circulated paper, and all attendees are expected to have read and reflected on the paper beforehand. A discussant initiates the conversation with a summary of the work in progress' main argument, taking care to identify what the piece contributes to current scholarship as well as the potential for further development. Following the author's response, a moderator conducts an hour of mediated discussion. The forum is led and organized by graduate students.

PISC is supported by the generosity of Princeton University's Department of Religion, the Department and Program of Near Eastern Studies and the Center for the Study of Religion.

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Fall Schedule 2016

              All meetings will take place in Jones 102 at 12pm unless otherwise noted. A light lunch will be served.

Wednesday, September 28: Varak Ketsemanian (NES)

"The Hunchakian Revolutionary Party and the Pattern of Violence in Sasun, 1890–1894"

Discussant: Alexander E. Balistreri (NES)

Wednesday, October 19:  Onur Günay (ANT)

"Islamist Movements and Ethnic Politics"

Discussant: Prof. Julia Elyachar (ANT)

Wednesday, November 16: Raissa von Doetinchem de Rande (REL)

"The Significance and Roots of Walī Allāh’s Theory of Created Human Nature"

Discussant: Prof. Daniel Sheffield (NES)

Wednesday, December 14: Kyle C. Clark (NES)

"Gendering the Eastern Question, 1875–1878"

Discussant: TBA