PISC Graduate Student Conference 2013

'Failure' in Islamic Reform


The conference is held at the Center for the Study of Religion, Seminar Room, 5 Ivy Lane. For additional information and to register, contact the organizers Megan Brankley Abbas, Aaron Rock-Singer and Simon Wolfgang Fuchs at pisc@princeton.edu.

Friday, April 12, 2013

9.00-9.30am: Breakfast

9.30-10.00am: Opening Remarks: Şükrü Hanioğlu and the Conference Organizers

10.00am-12:00pm: Defining and Accounting for Failure

  1. Sarah Azmeh: ‘Ali al-Tantawi and the “Success” and “Failure” of Islamic “Reform”

  2. Celene Ayat Lizzio: Muslim Reform Movements on Gender: Success or Failure on the Woman Question?

  3. Ari Schriber: The Tension of Legal Tradition and Ritual Aspiration: Muḥsin al-Amīn and the Problem of Reforming the ʿĀshūrāʾ Ritual in Southern Lebanon

  4. Yunus Dogan Telliel: After-lives of a ‘Failed’ Reform:  The Project of ‘National Religiosity’ in Early Republican Turkey

Respondent: Megan Brankley Abbas

12.00-2.00pm: Lunch

2.00-4.00: Reform and the Non-Muslim (Colonial/Indian) State: Between Cooperation and Contestation

  1. Madihah Akhter: Negotiating Reform: Sultan Jahan and Female Bodies

  2. Nathan Fonder: Alcohol and Authority in Colonial Egypt

  3. Mahmood Kooria: ‘One who agrees with the laws of kufr is a kafir’: Reformative Attempts of Two Hadhrami Sayyids in British Malabar

  4. Chris Taylor: Islamic Charity and Encounters with the Indian State: Reformism and the Social Sector

Respondent: Mirjam Künkler

4.00-4.30pm: Break

4.30-6.30pm: Re-Reading the Islamic Discursive Tradition: The Hermeneutics of Reform

  1. Salua Fawzi: Illustrating the Many “Cases” of Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd

  2. Ahmad Khan: 'Too Big To Fail': Modern Contestations between Muslim Reformers and Late Sunnī Traditionalists

  3. Ali Altaf Mian: Ashraf ‘Ali Thanvi’s Bihishti zewar and the Paradox of Traditionalist Authority

  4. Jacob Olidort: Renewal and Return: The Technical Terminology of Hadith and Islamic Reform in Damascus

Respondent: Simon Wolfgang Fuchs

7.00pm: Dinner

Saturday, April 13, 2013

9.00-9.30am: Breakfast

9.30-11.30am: (De/Re)Constructing a Reformist Cannon:

  1. Philipp Bruckmayr: Between Max Weber and Shah Waliullah: Two trajectories of reformist canonization in Southeast Asia

  2. John Chen: Re-Orientation: Pang Shiqian/Muhammad Tawāḍuʿ between “Umma” and “Third World,” 1935-1955

  3. Mosarrap Khan: Muslim Material Utopia

  4. Sam Helfont: Taking Arab Nationalism Seriously, Or Can a Secular Christian be an Islamic Reformer?

Respondent: Aaron Rock-Singer

11.30am-12.30pm: Closing session/wrap-up

12.30: Lunch & Departure

The PISC Graduate Student Conference is made possible by the generosity of the Departments of Near Eastern Studies, Religion and History, the Transregional Institute, the Workshop on Arab Political Development, the Center for the Study of Religion, the University Center for Human Values and the Humanities Council.


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