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I am a final year Ph.D. candidate in the Princeton Parallel Research Group. I am advised by Professor David Wentzlaff. My research interests are focused broadly on computer architecture, especially energy efficiency and parallelism within architectures. My current focus is on exploiting efficiencies in bit-serial computation.


Architectural Tradeoffs for Biodegradable Computing

Ting-Jung Chang, Zhuozhi Yao, Paul J. Jackson, Barry P. Rand, and David Wentzlaff.
The 50th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-50), October 2017.

Power and Energy Characterization of an Open Source 25-core Manycore Processor

Michael McKeown, Alexey Lavrov, Mohammad Shahrad, Paul J. Jackson, Yaosheng Fu, Jonathan Balkind, Tri Nguyen, Yanqi Zhou, and David Wentzlaff
In Proceedings of the 24th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA '18), February 2018.

OpenPiton: An Emerging Standard for Open-Source EDA Tool Development

Jonathan Balkind, Alexey Lavrov, Mohammad Shahrad, Paul J. Jackson, Adi Fuchs, Samuel Payne, Xiaohua Liang, Matthew Matl, and David Wentzlaff
In Proceedings of 2018 Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET '18), 2018

OpenPiton at 5: A Nexus for Open and Agile Hardware Design

Jonathan Balkind, Ting-Jung Chang, Paul Jonathan Jackson, Georgios Tziantzioulis, Ang Li, Fei Gao, Alexey Lavrov, Grigory Chirkov, Jinzheng Tu, Mohammad Shahrad, and David Wentzlaff
IEEE Micro, July/Aug 2020


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Office: Engineering Quadrangle J301, Princeton, NJ 08544
Email: pjj (at) princeton (dot) edu