Security and Privacy
ELE 574

Instructor: Prateek Mittal
Lecture Times: Tuesday and Thursday (11am - 12:20pm)
Office hours: By appointment only
Contact: pmittal AT princeton DOT edu


As our society transitions towards an information-driven paradigm, concerns about security and privacy of computing and communication have come to a forefront. This course exposes students to foundational principles and mechanisms that enable security and privacy in computing and communications. In addition, we study the interdisciplinary dimension of security and privacy by exploring its intersections with machine learning, information theory, computer architecture, computer networks, and formal methods.

The focus of this course is research oriented, with the following goals:
  • Develop understanding of core concepts, challenges, and opportunities in the field of security and privacy.
  • Learn to engage with security and privacy literature.
  • Gain experience conducting novel research in security and privacy via a project.
Here is a brief sampling of topics that we will discuss:
  • Overview of cryptographic primitives
  • Security at diverse communication layers
  • Real world threats, botnet ecosystem
  • Secure network architectures, network capabilities
  • Defenses against malware, spam
  • Trust, reputation systems
  • Privacy technologies, anonymous communication
  • Censorship resilient systems
  • Hot topics in security and privacy (interdisciplinary aspects)
    • Machine learning and security
    • Computer architecture and security
    • Formal methods and security
    • Information theory and security