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Some News Reports and Factsheets and other resources:


Thanks for the memories- a summary of the long relationship bestween Saddam Hussein and the U.S. Government

The war on al-Jazeera


The British Tried to Trade Rights for Security, Too

Professor, recruiter face off at UMass

Women and children killed at check-point

CBC Reality Check: Attack on Iraq Issues and Analysis

State of the First Amendment 2002

Iraq and the Lessons of Lebanon: 'Don't Forget to Leave'

anti-war protest movements have made the U.S. stronger

US May have commited war crime by targeting Iraqi TV

Satirical posters - comic relief

Sign this statement: We Stand for Peace & Justice

Feb 15, 2003 worldwide protest photos

Law groups conclude that U.S. invasion is illegal

March 15th anti-war speech by Senator Byrd

Howard Zinn: A Chorus Against War

Talking Points on the U.S.-Iraq Crisis, Feb 14, 2003

pictures of Feb. 15, 2003 protest from around the world

Anti-War Cartoon and Propaganda Parodies

Feb 12, 2003 Speech by Sen. Rober Byrd

Pre-Sept 11 Plans for War by the Administration

War with Iraq: Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives


A Response to Colin Powell's Feb 5th UN Presentation Concerning Iraq

The Coming War With Iraq: Deciphering the Bush Administration's Motives

The Case Against an Invasion of Iraq

Robert Fisk: The double standards, dubious morality and duplicity of this fight against terror

AN OPEN LETTER FROM THE ACADEMIC COMMUNITY (signed by many Princeton faculty, staff, and students)

Princeton faculty against the war on Iraq

NJ Coalition Against War in Iraq

100,000 Rally, March Against War in Iraq

Excerpts from 1992 Pentagon Plan: 'Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival'

U.S. Includes No-Fly Zone in Iraq U.N. Resolution

Annan Says Iraqi No-Fly Zone Firing No Violation

U.S. Facing Bigger Bill For Iraq War

Scott Ritter's Iraq Complex

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: The Health and Environmental Costs of War on Iraq

High school and college students protest in NYC

The Dirtiest Dozen Corporations Partners in Mass Destruction

Why another war ? A background on the Iraq crisis

Illusions of victory How the press transformed a hard-fought U.N. compromise on Iraq into Bush's miraculous feat of diplomacy.

US Dollars Yielded Unanimous UN Vote Against Iraq Nov 11, 2002

A drive to prevent war 11/8/02

Huge anti-war protest in Florence

Half-A-Million March in Anti-War Rally in Italy

The US draft resolution on Iraq

US Weapons Secrets Exposed

SG adopts resolution opposing war The Daily Texan

War would crush Iraqi cities

Silence Is Betrayal By Conn Hallinan

Blood and oil

Oil and trade play part in U.N. debate on Iraq Some say economic interests lie behind diplomatic rhetoric

Saudi Minister Says His Country Opposes War on Iraq

Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq by an anonymous Gulf war veteran

Seven Fallacies of U.S. Plans to Invade Iraq by Stephen Zunes

Deconstructing the Gulf war a permanent record of the fate of Iraq

Iraq Journal A collection of daily reports from Iraq, coordinated by independent journalist Jeremy Scahill

At the U.N., it's all about the money

Greider on impact of Debt burden If Greider is correct, this is an aspect of this whole Iraq issue that is not getting the attention it deserves


Selling the war on Iraq

Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President Published on Sunday, September 15, 2002 in The Sunday Herald

Across The Rubicon

War against Iraq is illegal

Detailed Analysis of October 7 Speech by Bush on Iraq

Some in Bush administration have misgivings about Iraq policy

CIA in blow to Bush attack plans

Officials' private doubts on Iraq war

Statement by the People's Organization For Progress

Robert Fisk: Nato used the same old trick when it made Milosevic an offer he could only refuse


Please stop the US war on & fax this letter today!

An Open Letter to Members of Congress by Nation Editors

Iraq: The Doubters Grow outlines nine critical questions that should be asked before any possible military invasion is even considered.

The Dishonesty Of This So-called Dossier

Stop an Attack on Iraq: Solutions that make us Safer Taken from CFPA

The Cost of Invading Iraq Taken from CFPA


House Democrats form anti-war coalition From The Washington Times

House Democrats Submit Resolution Urging U.S. to Work With UN on Iraq U.S. Department of State, International Information Programs.

Special Report: Iraq Guardian Unlimited.

Bush Wants War Not Justice by Robert Fisk

A Semantic Game by Scott Ritter

United Nations Security Council Resolutions Currently Being Violated by Countries Other than Iraq

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