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Princeton Project on National Security

For the 2004-2005 academic year, the Project convened seven working groups to consider the general framework and key elements of U.S. security strategy. These working groups were designed to: 1) focus on the deeper trends and changes that shape how we think about the overall framework of national security and, in turn, how we perceive and define specific national security issues; and 2) move beyond the current debate and standard ways of thinking about national security to develop innovative approaches to address military, economic, political and social threats and opportunities.

Descriptions, Membership, and Recommended Readings

Grand Strategic Choices

State Security & Transnational Threats

Economics & National Security

Reconstruction & Development


Relative Threat Assessment

Foreign Policy Infrastructure & Global Institutions

Working Group Reports

The working group reports were presented and discussed at the fall 2005 conference on National Security in the 21st Century.

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