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The Princeton Journal of East Asian Studies is an official student academic journal supported by the East Asian Studies Program at Princeton University. It aims to foster intellectually rigorous student discourse on East Asian political, economic, social and cultural affairs. PJEAS is committed to both academic excellence and integrity, and strives for an atmosphere of mutual enhancement of knowledge and development of leadership in these fields.

Staff, as of 2012

(The former team can be found here.)
    Management, as of 2012
  • Editors-in-Chief: Anji Shin '13, Jenna Song '14
  • Copy Editors: Jennifer Cho '15, Charles Fortin '15, Kevin Liaw '15
  • Layout Editor: Jiweon Kim '15
  • China Team Associate Editor
  • Charles Fortin '15
  • Participating Editors
  • Ben Chang '14, Adrienne Fung '14, Yung Huang '15, Marina Kaneko '15, Alicia Li '16, Christian Edwards van Muijen '15, Jay Park '16


  • Princeton Department of East Asian Studies
  • Esther da Costa Meyer (Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Art and Archaeology),
  • Cary Y. Liu (Curator of Asian Art, Princeton University Art Museum)