A lot of people work hard to make the PRS happen. Here's the Organizing Committee for the 2013-2014 academic year. If you're interested in adding your name to this list, either this year or in future years, please let us know!

Current PRS Organizers

John Cannarella
Co-Chair (2013-Present)

John Cannarella is a 4th year graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering Department. John's dissertation work focuses on degradation of lithium-ion batteries, but he is known to the PRS community for his work on topics ranging from modeling of faux-random tile distributions on bathroom floors, forecasting of social network decline using epidemiological models, and the mechanics of Oreo cookie separation (before Nabisco made it an ad campaign).

Josh Spechler
Co-Chair (2013-Present)

Joshua Spechler is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department. Josh's research is focused on energy conversion applications of nano-composite materials. Josh is a music lover. Josh is excited to be the co-chair of PRS after participating with talks and posters for the previous two years.

Tejal Bhamre
Communications Officer (2013-Present)

Tejal Bhamre is a second year graduate student in the department of physics. Her research interests are theoretical condensed matter physics and applied mathematics, in particular, spectral geometry.

Bo Guo
Communications Officer (2013-Present)

Bo Guo is currently a 3rd-year graduate student in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research interests lie in computational multi-scale models for the technology of geological CO2 storage, which is a promising mitigation strategy for anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Negar Khorasani
Program Coordinator (2013-Present)

Negar Elhami Khorasani is currently a 3rd year PhD students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is interested in probabilistic analysis of structural engineering problems. Her research work is on reliability analysis of tall steel buildings under post earthquake fires.

Amy Wu
Graphic Design Officer (2013-Present)

Amy is a 4th year graduated student in the department of electrical engineering. She is working on the spatial and genomic heterogeneity of cancer and their role in the evolution of chemotherapy resistance. She is particularly interested in how tumor microenvironment induces the genetic instability.

Aahana Ganguly
Treasurer (2013-Present)

Aahana is a 4th year Graduate Student in the Department of Chemistry. Her research interests lie in the fields of surface science, chemical physics and materials science. She is developing a nanoplasmonic sensor and a flow cell to study the dynamics of chemical processes on complex catalyst surfaces using a combination of spectroscopic techniques. Apart from her interest in building instruments , she is very interested in the process of dealing with uncertainty in science and technology policy decisions.

Praveena Joseph-de Saram
Alumni Liaison (2010-Present)
Co-Chair (2009-2010)

Ryan Davis
Website Coordinator (2013-Present)

Ryan is a 3rd year graduate student in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He is interested in material science, especially within a computational context. He is currently developing and investigating models used to simulate the evolution of microstrutural features within solid-oxide fuel cells during operation.

Past PRS Organizers

Janice Chou - Communications Officer (2010-2011)

Takudzwa Sayi - Treasurer (2012-2013)

Aman Sinha - Graphic Design Officer (2012-2013)

Edna Benhomme - Communication Chair

Fadi Abdeljawad - Treasurer (2011-2012) - Chair (2012-2013)

Victor Oyeyemi - Chair (2010-2012)

David Miller - Website Coordinator (2010-2012)

Nikhil Deshmukh - Communication Coordinator (2009-2010)

Susanna Weygandt - Publicity Coordinator

Wil Wong - Judging Coordinator

Jesse Hwang - Treasurer

Shin-Yi Lin - Advisor

Phil Martin (2006-2007)

Lesley Chuang - Co-Chair (2007)

Andrea Granstedt

Mike Fisher (2007)

David Potere

Craig Caldwell

Karla Evans

Brigitta Lee - Co-founder

Shin-Yi Lin - Co-founder

Gabriel Love

Justin Seipel