Please follow the links below for the programs and prize winners of past PRS events. These contain a full listing of presenters and their abstracts along with our organizers and sponsors.

For photos from our past events, please see our Facebook page, where you can also follow updates for PRS 2011.

  • PRS 2012: Program

    Research Talk Winners:
    1st Place: Shashi Thutupalli, Chimera States in Networks of Coupled Mechanical Oscillators: The Anti-pathetic Sympathy of Clocks
    2nd Place: Elizabeth Young, How to Find an Exoplanet in Three Steps
    3rd Place: John Cannarella, The Social Network Disease: Epidemiology and the Demise of Facebook

    Poster Winners:
    1st Place: Benjamin Landrum, Structural Evolution of Colloidal Gels
    2st Place: Blair Roberts, How to Win at Hide-and-Seek: Maternal Strategies for Minimizing Calf Risk and Maximizing Forage Intake in an East African Antelope
    3st Place: John Cannarella, Oreo Cookies as a Science and Engineering Educational Tool

  • PRS 2011: Program

    Prizer Winners:
    1st Place: Joshua Spechler and John Cannarella, Solution to the Bathroom Tile Problem for Random Arrangements
    2nd Place: Catherine Markham, White Monkey Syndrome and Presumptive Copper Deficiency in Wild Baboons
    3rd Place: Eric First, A Computational Method for the Three-dimensional Characterization of Zeolite Porous Networks
    Honorable Mention I: - Elizabeth Young, How to Find a Planet in a Haystack of Speckles
    Honorable Mention II: - Nikku Madhusudhan, Strange New Worlds -- Chemical Conditions on Planets around other Stars
    Honorable Mention III: - Renee Hlzek, Cosmology with the Atacama Cosmology Telescope

  • PRS 2010: Program

    Prizer Winners:
    1st Place: Zi Chen, Engineering Shapes in Nanotechnology: Helicity on Demand
    2nd Place: Sarah Batterman, Interactions of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Influence Nitrogen Fixation Strategy
    3rd Place: Cassandra Nunez, Effects of PZP on the Scheduling of Reproductive Cycling in Wild Horses
    Honorable Mention I: Nathan Gregory, Effects of Controlled Fire and Livestock Grazing on Bird Communities in East African Savannas

  • PRS 2009: Program

    Poster Presentation Prizer Winners:
    1st Place: Sonia Naidu
    2nd Place: Eva-Maria Schoetz
    3rd Place: Jun Fan
    Honorable Mentions: Vaneet Aggarwal and Mina Cikara

  • PRS 2008: Program
    Prizer Winners

  • PRS 2007: Program
    Prizer Winners

  • PRS 2006: Program
    Prizer Winners