Benefits Billing




Benefits Billing

PeopleSoft’s Benefits Billing module allows you to process benefits billing and COBRA billing information for employees and their dependents who must be charged directly for their benefit plan elections. You can enroll qualified participants into the Benefits Billing system either manually or automatically, calculate charges, generate billing statements, process payments, and make adjustments to charges and payments. Benefits Billing can be used with or without Benefits Administration. The only set up involved is the Benefits Billing parameters (billing frequency) and calendar (invoice dates and due dates).






Billing Enrollment



This table is used to manually enroll employees into the Benefits Billing system and to update previous enrollments. It also enables the creation of billing entries for arrears processing, enrollment records generated by Benefits Administration and COBRA enrollment processes.

Since Princeton wants to move balances from Benefits Billing when an employee comes back from leave and they still have an outstanding benefits billing balance, an SQR process may need to be created to add to the arrears adjustment by plan and then post a payment into the benefits billing record (reason arrears). Interface from L&R to create arrears.

Override Parameters



The Benefit Billing parameters can override at the individual enrollee level with the Override Parameters panel. Princeton could use this panel when they need to bill the department instead of the employee. If department is paying for billing charges, address will be changed to department address and billing statement goes to department not employee. See the Action/Reason table, BAP.

Billing Calculation Process



The Billing Calculation process is designed to calculate charges and create Billing Charge records for the Billing Calendars loaded in the Billing Calendar panel. The Billing Calculation process only runs for one Billing Calendar at a time. Billing calculations for a given Billing Calendar can be run until the billing file for that Calendar is sent to L&R. The system will back out any previously calculated charges as well as any open credit that it applied previously to the charges. The Billing Calculation calculates what the employee owes based on his or her enrollments Princeton will use the delivered PeopleSoft benefits monthly calculation process.

Billing Charge Review



Billing Charge Review panels track the progress of the Billing Charge records assigned to your employees and dependents.

Charge Review -Summary



A Summary for a Benefits Billing enrollee showing his or her Benefits Billing charges and payments. This can be reviewed either by billing period or by benefit plan.

Benefits Billing Statement



The Statement Print process prints Benefits Billing statements for each participant. These statements will display information on billing activities that take place on or before the end date of a specific Billing Calendar. Which includes itemized charges by plan type and payments made by the participant during the billing period represented by the statement. Princeton would like to create an interface from Benefits Billing to the PU Loans & Receivables System so that Princeton can continue to use coupons instead of statements.

Payment Entry



Payment Entry panel is used to log individual payments from a participant. Currently, the posting of lock box payments is fed from the bank directly into Accounts Receivables. An inbound interface is needed into Benefits Billing in order to update the employees’ records for payment already made or an SQR will need to be run with Benefits Billing to zero out all due amounts.

Payment Review



Payment Review panel displays charge payment history of the participants. Princeton would prefer a report.

Charge Creation



Princeton requires a process to integrate the calculation of the imputed income for life insurance in order to incorporate it into Payroll as a taxable benefit.

Bill Charge Adjustment



Charge Adjustment panel is used to make adjustments to previously created Billing Charge records.

Payment Adjustment



Payment Adjustment panel is used to make adjustments to previously created Billing Payment records.




An interface may need to be created to pass all payment information to the General Ledger or Loans and Receivables.

Employee Balance Totals



Employee Balance Totals panel is used to see all the charges and payments associated with an individual employee and their grand totals. We are missing a field called "Date passed to G/L" which Princeton currently has now. This populates when the Journal Voucher interface is run.


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