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My papers from the period of 1965-1999 are available in the manuscript section of the National Library of Australia in Canberra. (Call number MS 9870.) They can only be read in the reading room, but if you want to see what is there, go to http://nla.gov.au/nla.cat-vn770330.

Some of my articles are available to read online without charge when they appear*.  At other times, or in other publications, you may need a subscription to the newspaper, magazine or journal that has published them.  (Sometimes you can buy single article too, either directly from publisher or through various services). You can find however some of my columns for Free Inquiry by clicking here and searching for my name. You can also freely browse through the archives of The New York Times or The Age for which I have written on several occasions. Some of my reviews are available in The New York Review of Books.  I now write syndicated articles on a regular base for the Project Syndicate series “The Ethics of Life”. You can see those pieces on their website in several languages. If you wish to reprint them, please first obtain permission from Project Syndicate.

My MA thesis is now available in the University of Melbourne e-Prints Repository.

Many of my books are of course available in electronic versions now (that includes some of the older ones published in such a way recently). The others can be bought from bookstores, in person or online. Several online bookstores sell also used and out of print books.

Many of my lectures (and other appearances) are available online.  Please search the Internet yourself for these, especially YouTube. The most widely viewed TED talk you can find here: http://www.ted.com/talks/peter_singer_the_why_and_how_of_effective_altruism.html

Diavlogs: "Acting Now To End World Poverty" (with Tyler Cowen) video, "Tis the Season To Be Giving?" (with William Easterly) video, "Values Added: Expanding the Circle" (with Robert Wright) video

There are a few guest blogs at Psychology Today: 'The End of Poverty', ‘Poverty Today’, ‘Affluence Today’, ‘Is It Wrong Not to Help?’ and other places.

Chats of 14th May 2002 transcript and of 30th October 2005  transcript.


*A good way of keeping track of any new publications is to set Google Alert for my name. Be aware however that there are other people with this name, including one other bioethicist, the Toronto-based Peter A. Singer. Also check Latest developments and Just released.


Feel free to e-mail the webmaster of this website if you are in possesion of rights to some of my things online or would like to suggest something worth putting here. (I am not the webmaster. To contact me go to Contact.)

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