I have rewritten my earlier book, One World: The Ethics of Globalization. The world has changed in many ways since it first appeared, in 2002, and the publisher, Yale University Press, was keen to change the title in some way to indicate that this is not just a standard new edition of an old book.  The new book will be called One World Now and will be published in the second half of 2016.
I am in the final stages of editing a volume of essays entitled Does Anything Really Matter? Essays on Parfit on Objectivity. Its aim is to discuss Derek Parfit's arguments for the view that there are objective reasons for action, and that moral judgments can state objective truths. Among the contributors are several whose views are criticized in Parfit's recent major work, On What Matters, including Simon Blackburn, Allan Gibbard, Michael Smith, Stephen Darwall, Peter Railton and Mark Schroeder. Parfit has written a lengthy response to these essays, in part because he is seeking to show that it is possible to make progress towards resolving the major metaethical disagreements between Gibbard’s expressivism, Railton’s naturalism, and his own form of objectivism. Because Parfit’s response is too long to include in one volume with the essays discussing his views, it will now appear, together with additional essays by Gibbard and Railton, and some new material on consequentialism, as On What Matters, Volume Three. The two volumes will be published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, as companion volumes, probably in the late summer and/or autumn of 2016.

A third volume to appear in 2016 will be Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter.  The book brings together some of my columns written for Project Syndicate and other selected newspaper articles, on topics ranging from effective altruism to surfing. The publisher is Princeton University Press.