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In April 2013 I gave the Castle Lectures at Yale University, on the topic of Effective Altruism. I am currently writing a book based on the text of these lectures. The working title is Doing the Most Good and if all goes according to plan, it will be published by Yale University Press in the first half of 2015.

In addition, I am editing a volume of essays entitled Does Anything Really Matter? Parfit on Objectivity. Its aim is to discuss Derek Parfit's arguments for the view that there are objective reasons for action, and moral judgments can state objective truths. Among the contributors are several whose views are criticized in Parfit's recent major work, On What Matters, among them Simon Blackburn, Allan Gibbard, Michael Smith, Stephen Darwall, Peter Railton and Mark Schroeder. The contributors have completed their essays, and Parfit is now writing his response, will be a very full one that elaborates on and extends, in important ways, his thinking in On What Matters