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The Complete Project Syndicate Archive, 2001-2012
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Les Animaux aussi ont des droits, (with Boris Cyrulnik and Elisabeth de Fontenay), Seuil

Also the German translation of Practical Ethics, 3rd edition has been released,

Praktische Ethik, Reclam, 2013

 the Turkish translation of Marx,

Marx, Dost, Ankara, 2013

 the Finnish translation of Marx,

Marx, Into Kustannus, Helsinki, 2013

 the Korean translation of Ethics into Action

Maybooks, 2013

 the Korean translation of How Are We to Live

Window of Times, Seoul, 2014

 the Hindi translation of Animal Liberation

Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, 2014

and a book about my work in Spanish.

Josť Barrientos Rastrojo, Peter Singer, Vision Libros, 2013