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Editorial Board, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 1978-97

Editorial Board, Ethics, 1979-82

Editorial Board, International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems, 1978-82

Patron, Farm and Food Society, U.K., 1978-2001

Patron, Animal Liberation (Australia), 1978-

Member, Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, Department of Agriculture, Victoria, 1981-92

Chairman, Australian Federation of Animal Societies, 1980-83; Vice-President, Australian and New Zealand Federation of Animal Societies, 1984-94; President, 1994-9

Advisory Board, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 1983-93

Advisory Editor (Australia), Journal of Applied Philosophy, 1984-5; Editorial Board, 1985-

Member, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Animal Research, 1984-91

General Editor, 'Studies in Bioethics', a series of books published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1984-1992

Advisory Board, Centre for Philosophy & Public Affairs, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1984-

Co-editor, Bioethics, 1985-99; Editorial Board, 1999-

Foundation President, International Association of Bioethics, 1992-5; Board of Directors, International Association of Bioethics, 1992-9

Scientific Advisor, Aufklärung und Kritik, 1994-

Co-founder and President, The Great Ape Project, 1993-2005; Chair, Board of Directors, 2005-

President, Animal Rights International, 1999- 2011

Member, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, Advisory Committee to the Program Committee, 2000-

Editorial Board, Philosophy and Geography, 2000-2005

Editorial Board, Reason in Practice, 2001-2007

Vice-President, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 2001-

Member, Oxfam America Leadership Council, 2003-

Member, World Council of Religious Leaders Global Ethics Initiative, 2003-

International Advisory Board, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, 2007-

Member of the Advisory Board of GiveWell.net

Editorial Board, Philosophy of Management, 2007-

Advisory Board, Academics Stand Against Poverty, 2011-

Member, Management group, Global Happiness Organization, 2011-