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What We Do

The Survey Research Center Associate Director regularly meets with faculty members and University administrators who are planning or conducting survey projects. At the design stage, this requires consideration of alternative study plans, definition of the study population, selection of appropriate sampling data collection techniques, and design of the analysis plan. Faculty members are advised on managing projects conducted through the
Survey Research Center and soliciting bids from survey research firms for conducting large-scale surveys.

The Associate Director of the SRC teaches a graduate seminar on survey research methods at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (593 E)
. The course teaches state-of-the-art survey methods and covers topics such as the use and misuse of survey methods, sources of error in survey design and analysis, questionnaire development and testing, data collection techniques, coding and data processing, experimental design, and ethical issues in survey research. The course also focuses on survey designs for policy evaluation studies and public opinion research.

We regularly invite Princeton area survey researchers as well as scholars from other institutions to give public lectures on their work.

Project Management
The SRC provides
project management resources for faculty and students. For survey projects that are conducted at the Center, the SRC provides web survey programming, project management, interviewer supervision, and assistance with data processing and calculation of sample weights. For survey projects that are subcontracted to outside firms, the SRC provides off-site project monitoring, interviewer training, and assistance with data processing and analysis.

The SRC provides guidance and resources for students who are completing senior theses, junior papers, or dissertations. Students are encouraged to use the telephone center and the SRC's web survey  tools for conducting their own data collection projects.