The Princeton Summer School for Condensed Matter Physics


July 23 - 26, 2012

At the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science

On criticality and quantum computation

The Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM) and the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science (PCTS) is proud to present the 7th edition of the Princeton summer school on condensed matter physics. The school is pedagogical in aim; the lectures will be accessible to all graduate students in science. The broad themes of this year’s school are critical phenomena and quantum computation. The speakers and topics in this year’s series are:

Paul Fendley (U Virginia)                    Introductory conformal field theory

Steve Girvin (Yale)                               Quantum circuits & error correction

Duncan Haldane (Princeton)              Topology & geometry in condensed matter

Andrew Houck (Princeton)                 Circuit - based quantum simulation

David Huse (Princeton)                       Phase transitions & critical phenomena

Subir Sachdev (Harvard)                      Correlated matter through holography

Jacob Taylor (U Maryland)                  Spin qubits and quantum hardware

The school will take place in the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science on the 4th floor of Jadwin Hall on Princeton’s campus between the 23rd and the 26th of July, 2012. The tentative lecture schedule is now available.

Subir Sachdev’s lecture notes available here.

Some campus housing is available for a small fee for participants not within commuting distance of the university. Visit the Local Information page to know more.

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Contacts for scientific program : Hyungwon Kim (hyungwon@), Yeje Park (yejepark@), Yang-Le Wu (yanglewu@), Arijeet Pal (pal@), Bo Yang (boyang@) and Anushya Chandran (achandra@)

Faculty advisor : B. A. Bernevig (bernevig@)

Conference coordinators :  Soonoo Aria (saria@) and Caitlin Dreyer (cdreyer@)

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