How to submit a paper.

Papers must be submitted through the local coodinator, at either Stanford or Princeton. The Stanford coordinator is Walter Scheidel ( The Princeton coordinator is Brent Shaw ( BEFORE sending a paper to your local coordinator, please prepare your paper by following these steps.

  • Make a copy of your paper. Rename this copy, using the form lastname_#.doc. (# = 1 for your first submitted paper, = 2 for your second and so on).
  • Open the renamed paper. Add a blank page 1 (for adding the Cover Page Template).
  • Download the Cover Page Template.
  • Open the downloaded Cover Page Template, and copy it onto your blank Page 1
  • Edit the Cover Page, replacing “Title” etc. with the relevant information. Add an abstract of 2-3 sentences (150 word maximum). The final version should look like this.
  • Convert your paper .pdf format. PDF creation capabilities are built into Mac OS X (see detailed instructions). Windows users will need a third party PDF creation tool, such as Acrobat.
  • Review your new .pdf file, checking to make sure it appears the way you want it to look when it is downloaded.
  • Decide which subject categories (See The Papers/By Subject) you want your paper listed under. You may list your paper under as many subjects as you feel are appropriate.
  • Email the .pdf copy of your paper as an attachment to your local coordinator. Be sure to include in the body of your email the subject(s) under which your paper should be listed.

If and when you wish the downloadable version of your paper to be removed from the Working Papers series (e.g. when it has been published elsewhere), inform your local coordinator. If you send full publication information to your coordinator, this information will be posted in the place of the downloadable version.