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Princeton University

conference on Psychology

and policymaking

MAY 10-11, 2012


Call for Papers

The Graduate Conference on Psychology and Policymaking at Princeton University welcomes papers from across the social sciences that speak to the intersections between psychology and policymaking.

Topics including cognitive and social psychology, public opinion and mass behavior, and subjects connecting psychology and political institutions, elite behavior, and other elements of the policymaking process are all welcome from graduate students and post-doctoral students in the social sciences, including but not limited to those studying psychology, political science, economics, sociology, demography, geography, law, criminology, education, and anthropology.

Submissions are due via email to psychpol@princeton.edu by Saturday, March 31.  Approximately ten papers will be accepted.  Additional information is available on the conference website at www.princeton.edu/~psychpol.

The Conference on Psychology and Policymaking at Princeton University will be held from May 10-11, 2012.  We are pleased to announce that Professor Amy Cuddy of the Harvard Business School will be joining us as keynote speaker and conference participant.

Submission Information:

-Due date March 31, 2012

-Submissions should consist of either extended abstracts of up to 1000 words that include some discussion of the study’s results, or completed paper drafts with abstracts

-Papers should be submitted via email to psychpol@princeton.edu

-Papers will be refereed on a blind basis by graduate students in the Departments of Politics and Psychology at Princeton

-Acceptance notices will be sent by Friday, April 6

Financial assistance for invited participants’ travel and lodging is available by application to the Organizing Committee, which acknowledges the generous support of the Princeton University Departments of Politics and Psychology and the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics.

Questions and comments can be directed to psychpol@princeton.edu