Princeton University

conference on Psychology

and policymaking

MAY 10-11, 2012


Traveling to the Conference

The conference panels will take place in Wallace Hall (room 300). Campus maps are available as an interactive map and a downloadable PDF.

Visitors traveling from Philadelphia and New York City can take a train directly to Princeton's campus. To get to Robertson Hall from the campus train station (a.k.a. "The Dinky" Station) on foot without cutting through campus:

  1. 1.As you leave the train, turn right and walk up University Street (up hill) to the end of campus.

  2. 2.Turn right onto Nassau Street and walk along the North end of Princeton's main campus.

  3. 3.Turn right onto Washington Street.

  4. 4.At the next traffic light (not a street), turn left into the large plaza. Robertson Hall is the large white consist with columns.

Visitors may also wish to consult the University's online driving directions and visitor parking information websites.


Graduate students in Princeton’s Departments of Politics and Psychology will house invited presenters.