Princeton University Public Lectures Series

Walter E. Edge Lectures
Name Affiliation Date Title
Marina Mahathir Malaysian AIDS Council March 28, 2006 Fatal Confluences: Islam, Gender, and HIV/AIDS in Malaysia
Robert Rubin Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury October 19, 2005 The Outlook for the Global Economy
Elie Wiesel Elie Wiesel Foundation September 21, 2005 An Evening with Elie Wiesel
Kathleen Sullivan Stanford University Law School February 9, 2005 The Constitution and Emergency
George Dyson Western Washington Univ. October 5, 2004 Barricelli's Universe: Digital Computing in Princeton, 1945-1958
Noah Feldman New York University Apr. 26, 27, 28, 2004 The Ethics of Nation-Building: What We Owe Iraq
Roy Mottahedeh Harvard University Nov. 18, 2003 Who are the Leaders of the Iraqi Shi'ites?
Amos Oz Ben Gurion University of the Negev Nov. 10, 2003 Israel: Peace and War
William G. Bowen President, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sep. 25, 2003 Reclaiming the Game: College Sports and Educational Values
Ziba Mir Hosseini School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Mar. 6, 2003 Islamic Law and Feminism: Opening a Dialogue
Lawrence Lessig Stanford University Feb 20, 2003 The Creative Commons
Bernard Williams Oxford University 10/15/02 The Human Prejudice
Martin Gilbert Oxford University 11/14/01 Britain, Churchill and the Jews
Russell Baker The New York Times 10/16/00 The Age of the Superstory
Paul Krugman MIT 12/1/99 America: What Went Right?
Jonathan Spence Yale University 11/7/96 Emperor as Collector: Taste and Terror in 18th Century China
Itamar Ravinovich Tel Aviv University 2/25/99 On the Siege: Israel and the Arabs at Century's End
Henry Brady University of California 3/27/96 Time and Money in Presidential Campaigns
William Ruckelshaus Browning-Ferris Industries 4/22/93 the Politics of Environmental Policymaking
Freeman J. Dyson   1985-1986 Arms Control and Defense
Anthony Starr   1984-1985 The Ganing of True Genius
Robert C. Tucker   1984-1985  The Superpowers of the World's Future
Theodore Draper   1983-1984 The Nuclear Question
Carl E. Schorske Princeton University 4/13/83 Mahler and Ives: Populist Archaism and Musical Innovation
John W. Blassingame Yale University 11/2/82 Books in Chains: The Critical Reception of Black Historical Works
Fazlur R. Khan Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 2/28/82 Tall Buildings: Can Technology Alone Solve Social Problems?
Morton J. Horwitz Harvard University 1/21/82 The Place of Justice Holmes in American Legal Thought
Christopher Hill British Historian 11/30/81 Milton and the English Revolution
Laurence H. Tribe Harvard University 5/1/81 Two Visions of Constitutional Law Antidote to Marginal Distortion or Mandate for Pervasive Change?
Bruce A. Ackerman Yale University 4/13/81 The Paradox of Liberal Democracy and Its Constitutional Solution
A. Leon Higginbotham Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals 11/13/80 Race and the American Legal Process
Louis Dupree   10/9/80 The First Russo Afghan War 1979
Joseph A. Califano, Jr. former Secretary of the Department of Health 4/15/80 Who Governs? Enforcing the Social Contract Without Muytual Trust Molecular Politics: Has Political Self interest Become National Self Indulgence Politicizing God and Science What Ever Happened to the Difference Between Madame Curie and Frankenstein The Federal Judiciary: Red Tape in Black Robes
Kenneth Arrow Harvard University 5/8/79 The Interactions Between Insurance and Equity
Alpheus Mason Princeton University 4/4/79 America's Continuing Revolution: The Role of the Supreme Court
Margaret Jay British Embassey 2/8/79 The British National Health System: the First 30 Years
Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala Ambassador of India 3/30/78 New Potential of Indo U.S. Relations
Morris Udall   2/18/77 Energy Decisions for Tomorrow
Jean Gottman Oxford 2/18/77 Urbanization and Employment Towards a General Theory
Elias Abelson   10/7/76 Can We Have a World Without an Underworld
Isaac Asimov   10/14/76 The Future of Man
Edward Heath   9/23/76 When the World Becomes 21
John Sparrow Oxford 3/22/76 The Poet and His Poems, Some Reflections of His Original Works
Julian Boyd   2/27/76 Declaration of Independence: Key to our National Character
Sydney Ahlstrom Yale University 11/2/75 Orgaized Religion, Where Does It Go From Here?
Victor Turner University of Chicago 4/21/75 African Ritual and European Literature, Is a Comparative Symbology Possible
Ian Richardson Royal Shakesperean Company 3/20/75 Matter in the Metre
Dean Rusk University of Georgia 2/6/75 Can We Break the Impass on Nuclear Arms Control
Father Richard McCormick   2/28/75 Man in Our Image
Edward Teller University of California 10/2/74 Secrecy in an Open Society
Hans Landsberg   1973-1974 Growth, The Resource Connection
Kenneth Boulding   1972-1973 The Second Law of Practically Everything
Brian Walsh   1971-1972 Criminal Law Privacy and Constitutional Rights
Janos Kornai   1971-1972 Hungarian Experiments in Market Socialism
Shinkichi Eto   1971-1972 The Peoples Daily-A Window on China
John Gurley   1/4/71 What Future for American Capitalism
Robert Solow   12/9/70 What Future for American Capitalism
George Stigler   12/7/70 What Future for American Capitalism
Nauhaum Goldmann   11/16/70 Problems in the Middle East
Frank Thompson, Jr. U.S. Representative 4/27/69 Can We Have Confidence in the Political Process?
Raymond A. Brown Attorney 4/14/69 Are Blacks Included
Richard J. Hughes former Governor of New Jersey 4/7/69 An Agenda for New Jersey
Valery Giscard D'Estaing member of the French Assembly 11/19/68 Economic Growth Without Inflation
Raymond Aron The Sorbonne 4/8/68 Rationality and Force in International Relations
John Kenneth Galbraith Harvard University 10/28/66 Labor, Capital and Intelligence: Comparative Power in Perspective
A. Doak Barnett Columbia University 10/17/66 Unresolved Problems and Dilemmas Mao's Prescriptions for the Future The Coming Succession and Generational Change
Burke Marshall former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights 5/6/65  
Luis Munoz Marin former Governor of Puerto Rico 4/21/65 Puerto Rico Crossroads of the Americas
George F. Kennan Institute for Advanced Study 2/25/65 The United States and the Communist Giants
Caryl P. Haskins Carnegie Institution of Washington 3/3/64 Natural Dimensions and Historical Choices Shaping the Contemporary Scene Science and Scientists in National Affairs the Years Ahead
Andrew W. Cordier Columbia University 10/29/62 Promises and Problems of an International Secretariat The Art and Practice of Diplomacy in the United Nations Major Tasks of the United Nations Suez the Congo and Cuba
Arleigh Burke CNO 3/6/62 The Elements and Use of National Power
Hugh Foot Former Governon or Cyprus 2/27/61 Colonial Freedom
William O. Douglas U.S. Supreme Court 3/8/60 The Individual and the Crowd The Nation and the World
Paul Henri Spaak NATO 1958-1959 The European Community The Atlantic Community
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