Princeton University Public Lectures Series

J. Edward Farnum Lectures
Name Affiliation Date Title
David Gross University of California, Santa Barbara 4/25, 26, 27, 2006 The Search for a Theory of Fundamental Reality: The Theory of Elementary Particles, Questions and Speculations: The Search for a Unified Theory, The Coming Revolutions
Paul Taylor Paul Taylor Dance Company 4/29/2005 A Conversation with Paul Taylor, with Maura Keefe, dance historian
Alex Filippenko University of California, Berkeley 2/23, 24, 25, 2005 Catastrophic Stellar Explosions, Enigmatic Gamma-Ray Bursts, and Einstein's Biggest Blunder?
Hermione Lee Oxford University 9/27, 28, 29, 2004 Shelley's Heart and Pepys's Lobsters, Jane Austen Faints, and Virginia Woolf's Nose
Helen Vendler Harvard University 4/14-16/ 04 Lyric Intimacy: Speaking to Invisible Listeners
Yi-Fu Tuan University of Wisconsin 10/13/ 03 Place, Art, and Self
David Denby The New Yorker 3/13/03 Do Movies have a Future?
Tony Kushner Playwright 4/4/02 An Evening with Tony Kushner
Edward Albee Playwright 02/11/02 The Playwright vs the Theater
Paul Ehrlich Stanford University 10/8/01 Human Natures: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect
Bill T. Jones The Foundation for Dance Promotion 4/12/01 The Body: A Gateway and Two Doors
Michael Novacek American Museum of Natural History 11/9/00 Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs: A Fossil Expedition to Mongolia's Gobi Desert
Carl Djerassi Stanford University 2/22/00 Noble Science and Nobel Lust: Disclosing Tribal Secrets
Robards, Walker, Fagles Authors 5/1/97 An Afternoon's Odyssey
Christo and Jeanne Claude Artist 2/20/97 Works in Progress
Twyla Tharp Dancer 1/9/97 ""Twyla Tharp""
Jason Garrett Football Player 4/15/96 Why I Do What I Do, and the Inherent Value of the Experience
Derek Walcott Author 11/14/96 Derek Walcott reads his work
Patrick Stewart Broadhurst Theatre 12/5/95 Acting Shakespeare
Anna Quindlen Royce Carlton, Inc. 4/11/95 Life in the 90's: A Balancing Act
Hanna Gray University of Chicago 3/21/95 The Leaning Ivory Tower
Robert Caro Author 3/28/95 The Art of Biography
Jay Apt NASA 11/16/94 The Earth from Above
Wes Jackson The Land Institute 12/7/92 Becoming Native to this Place
William Howarth Princeton University 11/9/92 Landscape and the Writer
Edith Weiss Georgetown University of Law 11/19/92 Effects of International Environmental Treaties
Lucy Maddox Georgetown University 3/1/92 Contemporary Native American Literature and the Representation of History
Martin Klein Yale University 2/24/92 Einstein's Early Career
Valerie Flint University of Aukland 2/17/92 Medieval World of Christopher Columbus
Hillis Miller   1985-1986 Is there an Ethics of Reading
Anthony C. Yu   1985-1986 Religion and Literature: Reflections on Recent Developments
P. Adams Sitney   1984-1985 The Orematic Imagination
Pauline Kael The New Yorker 1984-1985 On movies
Jerome Bruner   1983-1984 Settings for Learning
John Brademas   1983-1984 Graduate Education: Signs of Trouble and Erosion
Ernest L. Boyer   1983-1984 School Reform A Look Beyond the Reports
Hugh Kenner The Johns Hopkins University 3/2/83 Joyce's Parables
Edward T. Cone Princeton University 10/19/82 Stravinsky at the Tomb of Rimsky-Korsakov
Hilton Kramer The New York Times 11/17/81 The Function of Criticism
Walter J. Ong, S. J. Saint Louis University 11/5/81 Orality, Writing, and Mental Structures
Susannah York Princeton University 5/22/81 On Performing Ibsen
Lord Annan University of London 4/15/81 How Should We Produce Shakespeare
Leo Braudy John Hopkins University 4/27/81 Framing the Innocent Eye: Berkeley's Forty Second Street and Bergman's Persona
Jean-Pierre Vernant College de France 4/17/80 The Gorgon's Mask; The Face of Terror in Ancient Greece
Victor Frankl   11/9/79 The Place of Meaning and Humanness in a Scientific and Technological World
Julian Jaynes Princeton University 4/26/79 Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind
Robert Jahn Princeton University 4/17/78 Psychic Process,Energy Transfer and Things That Go Bump in the Night
Vernon Young   4/20/78 State of the Cinema
Stephan Therastrom Harvard University 9/22/77 Ethnics and the American Life Style
Clive Barnes   3/16/77 The State of the Arts The Performing Arts
Rene Dubos   2/8/77 New Frontiers of American Society
Marvin Bressler Princeton University 4/8/76 The Moral Functions of Higher Education
Roger Revelle Harvard University 10/15/75 Food and Population What Can Americans Do?
Joan Ganz Cooney Children's Television Workshop, New York City 11/12/74 From Sesame Street to Feeling Good
Eleanor Holmes Norton Commissioner of Human Rights, New York City 11/21/74 The New Equality
Joseph Strick Producer of the film Ulysses 10/23/72 The Making of the film from Ulysses
Morris Ernst   10/16/72 The Happy Martyrdom of James Joyce
Rogers C. Morton Secretary of the Interior 11/8/71 The Impact of Ulysees in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Ulysses
J. W. Fulbright Senator from Arkansas 1968-1969 United States Militarism
John A. Williams Novelist 11/24/68 New Criticism of Black Writing
Carleen Hutchins Scientific Violin Designer 5/2/68 Physics of the New Violin Family
Charles Lucet Ambassador from France 4/18/68 Recent Trends in Franco American Relations
Jean Houston Foundation for Mind Research New York 11/8/67 The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience
Isaac Deutscher Expert in Russian History 4/19/67  
Christopher Mooney Fordham University 3/7/67  
Carl E. Schorske University of California 10/25/66 Viennese Architecture and its Critics 1860-1910
Father Roland de Vaux O.P. Director Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise at Jerusalem 3/22/65 Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Palestine and the Old Testament
Gino Germani Columbia University 2/24/65 Idealogy and Social Change Argentina A Case Study
Jean Gottmann Ecole des hautes Etudes, Paris 10/7/64 Esthetics and Politcs in the Growing City A Postscriptum to Megalopolis
Marjorie Nicolson Institute for Advanced Study 5/7/64 The First Science Fiction
John W. Gassner Yale University 3/28/63 Lope de Vega and the Modern Theatre
John M. Kitagawa University of Chicago 3/26/63 The Religious Ethos of Modern Japan-The Religious Situation in Postwar Japan
Philip Roth Resident Fellow in Creative Writing 3/12/63 The Writer in the University
Hon Terry Sanford Governor of North Carolina 3/4/63 Plans for Educational and other Plans for North Carolina
K. R. Popper University of London 2/28/63 The Structure of Knowledge
Isaiah Berlin Oxford University 11/19/62 DeMaistre and the Origins of Fascism
Gabriel Marcel French Existentialist 12/7/61 Devoir et Tentation des Intellectuals devant les Problems de l'heure
Alfred J. Ayer Oxford University 11/16/61 Philosophy and Politics
Raimundo Lida Harvard University 10/2/61 Politics of God
Pierre Laroque   4/25/61 Social Security in Modern France
Edmundo Flores University of Mexico 4/4/61 the Alliance for Progress and Land Reform in Latin America
Denis Johnston Irish Playwright 3/20/61 The Liberal Arts and the Theatre
John Gaus Harvard University 3/2/61 Some Perspectives on the American Presidency
Justin O'Brien Columbia University 2/13/61 Andre Gide Complete Man of Letters
William Pickles London School of Economics 4/18/60 From the 5th to the 6th Republic
Victor Poschl University of Heidelberg 4/12/60 The Poetic Achievement of Vergil
Germaine Bree New York University 3/23/60 The Modern French Novel
Andre Latreille Universite de Lyon 12/8/60 La conscience catholique devant la Revolution francaise dupuis le debut du XIXe siecle
Robert L. Slater Harvard University 1959-1960 The Buddhist Mission to the World-The Science of Religion and Religious Unity
Michael Polanyi Oxford University 11/18/59 Beyond Nihilism
Kingsley Amis Lecturer and Resident Fellow in Creative Writing 1958-1959 The Angry Young Men and After
Robert M. Grant University of Chicago 1957-1958 From Myth to Philosophy-Gnosticism and Early Christianity
Arthur Mizener Cornell University 1957-1958 The Maturity of Scott Fitzgerald
Robert Frost Poet 1957-1958 A Reading of His Poems
Martin Buber   1957-1958 What is Common to All
Sir John Neale University of London 1957-1958 The Elizabethan Age
Geoffrey Barraclough Royal Institute of International Affairs 1957-1958 Recent Developments in International Affairs
Arnold Hauser Brandeis University 1957-1958 Social History of Art--Aims and Limitations
Jacob Peter Mayer Editor 1957-1958 Tocqueville After One Hundred Years
Paul Henry, S. J. Institut Catholique, Paris 1956-1957 Neoplatonism and Early Christianity
Ronald Syme Oxford University 1956-1957 Who Was Tacitus?
Chen Ning Yang Institute for Advanced Study 1956-1957 Parity Nonconservation and Right-Left Asymmetry
W. K. C. Guthrie Cambridge University 1956-1957 Socrates
Benjamin S. Morris National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales 1955-1956 Some Major Problems Facing English Education Today
Glanville Downey Dumbarton Oaks Research Library 1955-1956 Hellenism and Christianity in the Fourth Century: The Programs of the Emperor Julian and Themistius
V. S. Pritchett Literary Editor 1953-1954 Conversation in the English Novel
Denys L. Page Cambridge University 1953-1954 Odysseus and Poyphemus
Arne O. Johnsen University of Oslo 1953-1954 Scandinavia in the Struggle between Empire and Papacy 1080-1170
Daniel A. Binchy Dublin Institute 1953-1954 The Celtic Background of Finnegans Wake
H.D.F. Kitto University of Bristol 1953-1954 The Greek and Elizabethan Dramatic Form
C. Axel Boethius Gothenburg University 1953-1954 Roman Republican and Imperial Architecture
Emanuel Winternitz Metropolitan Museum of Art 1952-1953 Real and Fantastic Instruments in the Paintings of the Renaissance
Louis E. Laflin, Jr.   1952-1953 Egyptian Drama and Its Influence Today
Helge Kokeritz Yale University 1952-1953 Elizabethan Phonology and Shakespearean Textual Criticism
Hugh R. Pomeroy   1951-1952 The Planning Process and Public Participation
Norman Williams, Jr.   1951-1952 Planning Problem Land Use and Zoning
Charles K. Agle   1951-1952 Planning Problem Housing and Urban Redevelopment
C. McKim Norton   1951-1952 Planning Problem Transportation
Walter H. Blucher   1951-1952 Planning Problem Taxation and Fiscal Programming
Meyer Berger New York Times 1951-1952 Graphic Arts Lecture
Robert Frost Poet 1951-1952 Reading of his poems
Dard Hunter   1950-1951 Paper Making
Ben Dalgin New York Times 1950-1951 Photomechanical Processes
Henri Peyre Yale University 1949-1950 Balzac Today
Douglas Bush Harvard University 1949-1950 Wordsworth, a Minority Report
Lionel Trilling Columbia University 1949-1950 Wodsworth and the Iron Time
B. Lfor Evans University of London 1949-1950 Wordsworth and the European Problem of the Twentieth Century
Earl Leslie Griggs University of California 1949-1950 Wordsworth Through Coleridge's Eyes
Willard L. Sperry Harvard University 1949-1950 Wordsworth's Religion
A. H. Smith University of Oxford 1948-1949 Problems of Cooperation Between British and American Universities
Cecil M. Bowra University of Oxford 1948-1949 Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn
H. L. Heydenreich Central Institute of the History of Art, Munich 1948-1949 Leonardo da Vinci and Scientific Illustration
Orie W. Long Williams College 1948-1949 Goethe and America
Ernst W. Jockers University of Pennsylvania 1948-1949 Goethe im Deutschen Schicksal
Barker Fairley University of Toronto 1948-1949 Goethe and the World Today
Georges Scelle University of Paris 1948-1949 Le Pact d'Atlantique et la France
Pierre Lavedan University of Paris 1947-1948 Actual Problems of Urbanism and Reconstruction in France
Homer Thompson Institute for Advanced Study 1947-1948 Triumph Over Time
Lennox Robinson Abbey Theatre Dublin, Ireland 1947-1948 The Abbey Theatre: Pattern for American Drama
G.M.A. Grube University of Toronto 1946-1947 The Idea of Democracy in Ancient Athens
John Gielgud and Pamela Brown Shakespearean actor 1946-1947 Readings from Shakespeare
Arthur P. Hudson University of North Carolina 1945-1946 Songs of the North Carolina Regulators
Ernst Cassirer Columbia University 1944-1945 The Technique of Our Modern Political Myths
Harley Granville-Barker British critic and playwright 1941-1941 The Historical Staging of Shakespeare
George C. Coulton University of Toronto 1940-1941 School and College Life in the Middle Ages
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