Princeton University Public Lectures Series

Spencer Trask Lectures
Name Affiliation Date Title
Sir Tim Berners-Lee World Wide Web Consortium, MIT 4/5/2006 The Future of the Web
Paula Vogel Playwright 10/25/2005 The Playworld and the Empire: The 21st Century and the American Playwright
Robert W. Lucky Telcordia 11/16/2004 Broadbanding America: What, Why, and How?
Alan Wolfe Boston College 11/9, 10, 11, 2004 America's Two Visions: The Good and the Great, How Conservatives Came to Think Small, The Liberal Retreat from Ambition
Svante Paabo Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig 10/15/03 Genomic Approaches to Human Origins
Susan Estrich USC Law School 3/27/03 Sex and Power: The State of Women in America
Robert Moses Algebra Project 11/5/01 The Presumption of Innocence, Sharecropper Education and America's Ideals
James Randi James Randi Educational Foundation 10/16/01 The Search for the Chimera
Edward Witten Institute for Advance Study, Princeton 4/24/01 The Quest for Unification
Robert Full University of California 2/15/01 Bipedal bugs, galloping ghosts and gripping geckos: BioInspiration for Rapid Running Robots
Eric Lander MIT Center for Genome Research 3/2/00 Human Genetics and Human Society in the 21st Century
Walter Alvarez University of California 10/7/96 What Killed the Dinosaurs
Jonathan Kozol Author 3/12/96 Amazing Grace
Eric Hobsbawm New School for Social Research 10/7/94 State, Ethnicity, Religion: The Transformation of Identity
Simon Schama Harvard University 4/15/93 The Tradition of the Sacred Mountain
Roderick Nash University of California 2/8/93 Meaning of Wilderness and the Rights of Nature
James Schlesinger joint lecture with D. Stokes   11/29/86  
W. Robert Conner Princeton University 1986 Polemos: Ritual Violence and Symbolic Expression in Ancient Greek Warfare
Emily Vermeule Harvard University 1985 Homeric Warfare
Margaret Atwood   1985 Reflections on the Development of Canadian Literature Since 1972
J. Hugh Mac Lennan   1985 On Being a Canadian Writer-A Matter of Recognitions
Malcolm Miller Charters Cathedral 1984 The Stained Glass and Sculpture
Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty University of Chicago 1984 The Rhetoric of Illusion in Indian Myths
James Hillman   1984 Mars, Rans, Arms, Wars: The God in the Disease
Michael Baxandall Warburg Institute 5/10/83 Chardin and the 18th Century Science of Vision
Otto K. Werckmeister University of California 4/4/83 The Third Abbey Church of Cluny and the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
George Kubler Yale University 4/26/83 Historiography of Ancient American Art
Evelyn B. Harrison New York University 4/14/83 Reading Greek Sculpture
Sydney J. Freedberg Harvard University 3/8/83 Giogione or Titian: The Problems of the Allendale nativity
Michael Walzer Princeton University 2/2/82 Foucault's Politics
Ian Hacking Stanford University 1/28/82 Michel Foucault: To Be a Person
Henry Waldgrave Stuart Stanford University 1/28/82 Michel Foucault: To Be a Person
George Steiner University of Geneva 5/4/81 Echo and Narcissus or the Black Arts of Reading
Thomas Edwards Rutgers University 3/3/81 High Minds, Low Thoughts: Popular Culture and Critical Standards
Steven Marcus Columbia University 2/10/81 Changing Conceptions of the Self in Nineteenth Century English Literature
Fredric Jameson Yale University 2/26/81 Ulysses: Narrative and Capitalism
J. Lionel Gossman   2/17/81 Literature and Education
Elizabeth Eisenstein University of Michigan 2/3/81 Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought
Helen Gardner University of Oxford 4/22/80 Literary Biography
Alfred Kazin City University of New York 4/28/80 Jewish Writers in the 70's
Gerda Lerner Sarah Lawrence College 3/6/80 Placing Women in History: Problems and Challenges
Susan Sontag   2/8/80 Thoughts on the Seventies as an Unloved Decade
Ved Mehta   10/22/80 Writing and Filming
Thomas Wright Princeton University 10/17/78 The Increasing Influence of Law on Higher Education
Kate Millet   3/28/78 The Image of the Lesbian
Harrison Fraker   4/28/77 Architecture vs. Energy Conscious Design
Stephen Spender   11/18/76 English vs. American Writers
Margaret Mead Anthropologist New York City 11/3/75 Changing American Character
Norval Morris University of Chicago 4/24/75 The Future of Imprisonment
Jacob Bronowski   4/18/74 Art as a Mode of Knowledge
Jacob Bronowski   4/17/74 Science and Imagination
James Biddle   10/29/73 Preservation and the Bicentennial
Paul Ehrlich   10/24/73 An Ecologist Looks at the Non-Growth Scoiety
Pauline Kael The New Yorker 4/9/73 Movies
Osvaldo Sunkel University of Chile 3/6/73 Three Years of Socialism in Chille
B. F. Skinner   11/4/72 Are We Free to Have A Future
Nikolaus Pevsner   4/26/72 Victorian Mansions
Louis Kahn Architect 10/19/71 Architecture and the New Culture
Moshe Safdie Architect 10/5/71 Architecture and the New Culture
Herbert Marcuse University of California 3/16/70 The Cultural Revolution in the West
Alfred Hr, Jr. Museum of Modern Art, New York 3/18/69 Picasso: Pillar of Tradition
Erich Leinsdorf Boston Symphony Orchestra 10/22/68 Contempory Music: Its Alienation from the Public
Howard Mumford Jones Harvard University 1966-1967 The Age of Energy in Ninettenth-Century America
Charles S. Singleton Johns Hopkins University 1965-1966 Dante's Irreducible Vision
Millard Meiss The Institute for Advanced Study 1965-1966 Sleep in Venetian Art: Ancient Myths and Renaissance Proclivities
Lewis Mumford Author and Social Philosopher 1964-1965 The Future of the City
Douglas Bush Harvard University 1964-1965 Modern Criticism, Literature and the Humanistic Tradition
Malcolm Cowley Author and Literary Critic 1964-1965 Faulkner's Share in the Portable Faulkner: Letters and memories
David Talbot Rice University of Edinburg 1964-1965 Byzantine Painting in the Thirteenth Century
Czeslaw Milosz Author, Poet and Critic 1963-1964 Polish Writers Today
Max Black Cornell University 1962-1963 Philosophy and Language
William D. Snodgrass Winner of 1960 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry 1962-1963 A Reading of His Poems
Morton Dauwen Zabel University of Chicago 1962-1963 The Matter with the Novel
Steven Runciman Historian and Author 1961-1962 Heresy and the Medieval Church, East and West
Ernst H. Gombrich University of London 1960-1961 The Primitive and Its Value in Art
Gilbert Highet Columbia University 1959-1960 The Anatomy of Satire
Robert Goldwater New York University 1958-1959 Problems of Allegory and meaning in Modern Art
Jacques Barzun Columbia University 1957-1958 The House of Intellect in America
James Marston Fitch Columbia University 1956-1957 The Impact of Technology on Architecture
Jean Gottmann University of Paris 1956-1957 The Relationship of Locale to Architecture
Henry S. Churchill Architect and City Planner, Philadelphia 1956-1957 Architecture and Society
Joseph Hudnut Harvard University 1956-1957 Architecture and the Individual
Walter F. Kerr New York Herald Tribune 1955-1956 The Theatre Takes a Breath
Franics Fergusson Literary Critic 1955-1956 The Tributary Theatre
Harold E. Clurman Stage Director and Producer 1955-1956 A little on Acting
Jo Mielziner Stage Designer 1955-1956 The Fourth Wall of the Theatre
Lillian Hellman Playwright 1955-1956 The Playwright in the Modern Theatre
Walter F. Kerr Moderator 1955-1956 Prospect for the American Theatre
F. Curtis Canfield Yale Drama School 1955-1956 Prospect for the American Theatre
C. Norris Houghton Phoenix Theatre 1955-1956 Prospect for the American Theatre
Warren Beck Lawrence College 1954-1955 Science and Literature A Comment on Provinces
John J. O'Meara University College, Dublin 1954-1955 St. Augustine
Robert Speaight Actor and Critic 1954-1955 Nature in King Lear
Harold Whithall Indiana University 1954-1955 From linguistics to Poetry
William R. Parker New York University 1954-1955 Lifting the Language Curtain
Roy Campbell South African Poet 1953-1954 Reading of his poems
Erich Heller Swansea University, Wales 1953-1954 The Hazard of Modern Poetry
Sean O'Faolain author and critic 1953-1954 Six Novelists in Search of a Hero
Walter Moberly Chairman, University Grants Committee of the British Treasury 1952-1953 The University's Function Yesterday and Today
Jean Louis Barrault Barrault-Renaud French Company 1952-1953 Shakespeare et les Francais
Thomas Rice Henn St. Catherine's College, Cambridge 1952-1953 W. B. Yeats and the Irish Background
Leon Edel Author 1952-1953 Henry James and the Biographer's Dilemma
Herbert Read British Critic and Playwright 1951-1952 Art and Evolution
Jacob Isaacs University of London 1951-1952 Elizabethan Acting
Harry Sherman Book of the Month Club 1951-1952 The Distribution of Books
Leonard Pytlak   1951-1952 Demonstration of silk screen process
Robert W. Chapman Oxford University 1950-1951 Jane Austen
Bertrand Russell Scientist and Author 1950-1951 Mind and Matter
Fritz Ernst University of Heidelberg 1950-1951 Religion and Politics in Late Medieval France
Aziz S. Atiya Farouk University 1950-1951 The Crusades
Erik Tuxen Danish State Radio Orchestra 1950-1951 About Carl Nielsen, The Danish Composer
John Gielgud and Pamela Brown   1950-1951 The Art of Comedy
Olivier Lacombe University of Lille 1950-1951 The Main Features of Indian Culture
Henry Lee Smith State Department Language School 1950-1951 Language and Human Behavior
Arnold Bank New York Art Students League 1949-1950 Calligraphy
Ralph Steiner   1949-1950 Photography
Harry Shokler   1949-1950 Serigraph
Roger Sessions University of California 1949-1950 The Composer and Listener Today
Alan Lomax   1949-1950 Fold Song: U.S.A.
Samuel Chamberlain Photographer and Author 1949-1950 Illustrating Books by Photography
Basil Willey University of Cambridge 1948-1949 An Approach to Literary History
Robert Frost American Poet 1948-1949 Readings from his Poems
Stephen Spender British Poet and Critic 1947-1948 Modern Poetry in the Modern World
Karl Shapiro John Hopkins University 1947-1948 Prosody as the Meaning
T. S. Eliot British Poet and Editor 1946-1947 Samuel Johnson as Critic and Poet
Harley Granville-Barker British Critic and Playwright 1944-1945 The Social Value of Drama
Dixon Wecter University of California 1943-1944 The Road Back: The Demobilized Soldier After Three Wars
Robert L. Calhoun Yale University 1942-1943 Platonism and the Problems of Our Own Time
Hajo Holborn Yale University 1941-1942 What is Historical Truth
George La Piana Harvard University 1941-1942 Theology and History
Herbert Heaton University of Minnesota 1941-1942 The Economic Impact on History
Dumas Malone Harvard University 1941-1942 Biography and History
Jacques Barzun Columbia University 1941-1942 History, Popular and Unpopular
Edmund Wilson Editor the New Republic 1940-1941 The Types of Criticism
W. H. Auden English Poet, Playwright and Critic 1940-1941 Criticism in a Mass Society
John C. Ransom Kenyon College 1940-1941 Criticism as Pure Speculation
Norman Foerster Iowa State University 1940-1941 The Responsibility of the Critic
Sherwood Anderson Novelist 1939-1940 Man and His Imagination
Thornton Wilder   1939-1940 Some Thoughts on Playwriting
Pare Lorentz Film critic and producer 1939-1940 The Motion Picture as an Art Form
William Lescaze Architect 1939-1940 These Documents Called Buildings
Roger Sessions Princeton University 1939-1940 The Composer and His Message
Arthur O. Lovejoy John Hopkins University 1938-1939 The Romantic Theory of Knowledge
Erwin Panofsky Princeton University 1937-1938 The Meaning of the Humanities
Robert L. Calhoun Yale University 1937-1938 The Meaning of the Humanities
Ralph Barton Perry Harvard University 1937-1938 The Meaning of the Humanities
Gilbert Chinard Pyne 1937-1938 The Meaning of the Humanities
August C. Krey University of Minnesota 1937-1938 The Meaning of the Humanities
Francis W. Hirst The London Economit 1935-1936 The Value of Liberty
Margaret Meade Assistant Curator of Ethnology American Museum of Natural History 1935-1936 Anthopology Today; the Significance of Anthropolgoy in the Social Sciences
Bonamy Dobres   1935-1936 An Approach to Criticism
Henry Noel Brailsord   1935-1936 England Since the Slump
N. H. Heck Chief of the Bureau of Seismology and Electro Magnetism of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey 1935-1936 Earthquakes
The Earl of Listowel   1935-1936 Standards of Taste A Reality or an Illusion
Harold E. Edgerton MIT 1935-1936 Stroboscopic Light and High Speed Motion Pictures
Frank Gavin General Theological Seminary 1935-1936 Six Centuries of the Church and State Problem
Gertrude Stein   1934-1935 The Gradual Making of the Making of America
Arthur O. Lovejoy John Hopkins University 1934-1935 The Behavious of States
Hans Tietze   1934-1935 Albrecht Direr and His Contemporaries
Adolf A. Berle, Jr.   1933-1934 Government Regulation of Private Finance
E.P. Cheyney University of Pennsylvania 1933-1934 The Shape of Things to Come
Edward Sapir   1933-1934 The Languages of Primitive Peoples
Richard C. Cabot Harvard University 1933-1934 The Intelligence of the Human Body
George B. Barbour Yen Ching University of China 1933-1934 The Discovery of the Peking Man
J. Victor Coty   1933-1934 Trout Fishing and Deep Sea Diving
Aline Caro-Delvaille   1933-1934 Summer Life in the French Preovincial Universities
Alec Miller British Sculptor 1932-1933 The Education of a Craftsman
H. H. Newman University of Chicago 1932-1933 Identical Twins
Phillipp Heineken President North German Lloyd 1932-1933 The Present Situation in Shipping
Frank H. Simonds   1932-1933 The Polish Corridor
F. J. E. Woodbridge Columbia University 1932-1933 Germany's Hold on Her Heritag
Archibald Henderson University of North Carolina 1932-1933 Eugene O'Neill
T. S. Eliot The Criterion 1932-1933 The Bible and English Literature
William de Sitter University of Leiden 1931-1932 The Size of the Universe
Felix Schelling University of Pennsylvania 1931-1932 Shakespeare and Biography
U. B. Phillips Yale University 1931-1932 Plantation Life in the Old South
Norman M. Thomas   1931-1932 What Scoialism Means Today in the United States
Edwin Mims Vanderbilt University 1931-1932 The Changing South
Charles R. Stockard Cornell University 1931-1932 Internal Secretions and the Development of Personality
Eugen Kuehnemann University of Breslau 1931-1932 Goethe's Faust and the German Mind
F. A. Vening Meiness University of Utrecht 1931-1932 Submarine Gravity Expeditions in the East and West Indies
Julian Huxley King's College London 1930-1931 Travel and Politics in Tropical Africa
Aline Caro-Delvaille   1930-1931 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Salvador de Madariaga Oxford University 1930-1931 Hamlet and Don Quixote
Ameen Rihani   1929-1930 The Arab Kings
Friedrich Schoenemann University of Berlin 1929-1930 The German Youth Movement
H. W. Garrod Harvard University 1929-1930 The Criticisms of Poetry
Karl von Frisch University of Munich 1929-1930 The Senses and Language of the Bees
Canon Ernest Dimnet   1928-1929 The Art of Thinking
Charles Wellington Furlong   1928-1929 Treasure Hunting In Bolivia
Ralph H. Isham   1928-1929 The Disclosure of James Boswell's Private Papers
Ernest Rhys Editor of ""Everyman's Library"" 1928-1929 Celtic Fold Tale and French Romance
Jesse Lynch Williams   1928-1929 Writing
H. N. Brailsford former editor New Leader 1928-1929 The Idea of Progress
Walter Starkie University of Dublin 1928-1929 The Gypsies and Their Music
Rennell Rodd formerly British Ambassador to the Court of Italy 1927-1928 The Contiinuity of Rome
Leon M. Collet University of Geneva 1927-1928 The Geology and Geography of the Swiss Alps
Enno Littmann University of Tubingenm, Germany 1927-1928 The Origin of the Arabian Nights
Alexander Souter University of Aberdeen 1927-1928 A Sporting Bishop of the Olden Time
J. W. Hall University of Washington 1927-1928 The Revole of Asia
Robert S. Rait University of Glasgow 1927-1928 British Public Opinion during the American War of Independence
J. Alfred Spender formerly editor Westminster Gazette 1927-1928 The Quest of Security in Europe
George Russell editor irish Statesman 1927-1928 Some Personalities in the Irish Literary Movement
William L. Finley Oregon State Game Commission 1927-1928 Camera Hunting on the Continental Divide
Count Carlo Sforza former Minister of Foreigh Affairs Italy 1927-1928 Diplomacy, Today and Tomorrow
Emil Lucwig   1927-1928  
S. Radhakrishnan University of Calcutta 1926-1927 Fundamentals of Hindooism
J. A. Smith Oxford University 1926-1927 Modern Italian Philosophy with reference to Aesthetics of Croce
Hermann Weyl Technische Hochschule Zurich 1926-1927 The Role of Infinity in Mathematics
Arnold J. Toynbee University of London 1925-1926 Near Eastern Affairs
Christian Lange Secretary Inter-Parliamentary Union 1925-1926 The United States of Europe--Pro and Con
Alfred Noyes   1925-1926 Readings
Roy Chapman Andrews   1925-1926 Discoveries in Asia
Robert A. Milliken California Institute of Technology 1925-1926 Relativity inside the Atom
John C. Merriam Carnegie Institution of Washington 1925-1926 Impressions of a Traveller among the Maya Ruins in Yucatan
Herbert A. L. Fisher Minister of Education in England 1924-1925 The Labor Government in Britian
Alexander J. Carlyle University of College, Oxford 1924-1925 Social and Econimic Conditions in Great Britian
Richard Lodge University of Edinburgh 1924-1925 Nationality
George Paish formerly Adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the British Treasury 1924-1925 The World's Economic and Financial Situation
Othenio Abel University of Vienna 1924-1925 ""Adaptations to the Arboreal Life and Flight"" ""A Life-Picture of the Great Ice Age Fauna of the Dragon Cave near Mixnitz, Austria""
Wolfgang Kohler University of Berlin 1924-1925 The Intelligence of Apes
Hans Driesch University of Leipsic 1923-1924 The Autonomy of Life-Vitalism vs Mechanism
Niels Bohr University of Copenhagen 1923-1924 The Structure of the Atom
Elton Mayo Department of Industrial Research University of Pennsylvania 1923-1924 The Right Use of Revery
Albert Feuillerat University of Rennes, Exchange Professor at Yale University 1923-1924 Some Principles of Artistic Construction in Shakespeare's Plays
Vachel Lindsay   1923-1924 Readings
Emile Legouis   1922-1923  
J. F. Mackenzie   1922-1923  
Abbe Ernest Dimnet   1922-1923 The Ruhr Occupation
J. H. Mulford   1921-1922  
Josef Strzygowski   1921-1922  
J. W. Scott   1921-1922  
C. H. Geundgent   1920-1921  
H. A. Gibbons   1919-1920  
W. M. Sloan   1919-1920  
J. H. Finley   1919-1920  
A. E. Stevenson   1919-1920  
John Spargo   1919-1920  
H. Walpole   1919-1920  
A. C. Coolidge   1919-1920  
F. L. Patton   1918-1919  
John Galsworthy   1918-1919  
A. Barton Hepburn Chairman Advisory Committee, Chase National Bank, New York 1917-1918  
John Purroy Mitchell Mayor of New York 1916-1917 Series of lecutes on various phases of American city administration
Arthur Woods Police Commissioner of New York 1916-1917 Series of lecutes on various phases of American city administration
Milo R. maltbie City Chamberlain of New York 1916-1917 Series of lecutes on various phases of American city administration
Haven Emerson Commissioner of Health New York 1916-1917 Series of lecutes on various phases of American city administration
Prof. Paul Jules Joseph van den Ven University of Louvain 1915-1916  
Carter Glass   1913-1914  
Alfred Noyes   1913-1914  
Oswald Siren   1913-1914  
Henry Jones   1912-1913  
Emile Legouis   1912-1913  
Emile Burt   1912-1913  
Hougo de Vries   1912-1913  
Henri Bergsen   1912-1913  
Rudolf Eucken   1912-1913  
Henry C. Lodge   1911-1912  
William Watson   1911-1912  
Prof. Lecoa   1910-1911 The Civilization of Ancient Turkistan
Charles L. Harrington   1910-1911 Aerial Navigation
G. O. Shields   1910-1911 American Game and their Haunts
H. R. Ross   1910-1911  
T. E. Burton   1910-1911  
E. A. Sherman   1910-1911 Passion Play of 1910
Edward A. Steiner   1910-1911 The Emigrant At Home
C.D. Burns   1910-1911  
O. van Le Coq   1910-1911  
E. A. Steiner   1910-1911  
Edward Meyer   1909-1910  
D. W. Robertson   1909-1910  
W. F. Willoughby   1909-1910  
Edward B. Barr   1909-1910  
G. W. Prothero   1909-1910  
Henry Jones   1908-1909  
E. F. Henderson   1908-1909  
E. A. Steiner   1908-1909  
J. T. Mcclary   1908-1909  
A. B. Parker   1908-1909  
James M. Bell   1907-1908  
George E. Vincent   1907-1908  
Paul Clemens   1907-1908  
W. T. Grenfell   1907-1908  
D. G. Hogarth   1907-1908  
John B. Bury   1907-1908  
William R. Inge   1906-1907  
James R. Garfield   1906-1907  
R. E. Peary   1906-1907  
G. W. James   1906-1907  
G. B. McClellan   1906-1907  
Bliss Perry   1904-1905  
Wilfred Grenfell   1904-1905 Labrador Fishermen
Kentary Kaneko   1904-1905 Japan and Russia
Edward E. Hale   1904-1905  
Joseph M. Beck   1904-1905  
Edward M. Shepard   1904-1905  
Reverend H. Black   1904-1905  
Horace Porter   1904-1905  
H. de Vries   1904-1905  
E. Meyer   1903-1904 Economic conditions in Politics
Traves Jerome   1903-1904 College Men
S. H. Butcher   1903-1904 Among Ancient People
H. Godam   1902-1903  
E. S. Maru   1902-1903  
H. H. Furness   1902-1903 Twelfth Night reading
W. G. Braun   1902-1903  
Sidney Lee   1902-1903  
Henry Irving   3/19/02 Theory Shakespearean Plays
Sir Robert S. Ball   1901-1902 Time and Tide Arii's The Bottie with the slums
Arthur Twining Hadley Yale University 1900-1901 Government by Public Opinion
Professor Louis Dyer Oxford University 1900-1901 The Labyrinth or Palace of Minos at Knossos in Crete
Frederick Harrison   1900-1901 Recent Estimates of Oliver Cromwell
Samuel L. Clemens   1900-1901  
Reverend Rounsley   1899-1900  
C. T. Winchester   1899-1900  
A. V. Drury Cunningham   1898-1899  
James B. Pond   1897-1898  
Dr. Knight   1897-1898  
Professor Gardner   1897-1898  
Theodore Roosevelt   1896-1897  
C. T. Marshall   1896-1897  
C. L. Morgan   1895-1896  
F. H. Potter   1894-1895  
T. Humphrey Ward   1894-1895  
J. B. Gordon   1894-1895  
E. B. Poulton   1893-1894  
F. H. Smith   1893-1894  
C. F. Winchester   1893-1894  
H.H. Boyesin   1893  
John Fiske   1893  
F. Marion Crawford   1892-1893  
James B. Pond   11/18/1891  
Sir Edwin Arnold   1891  
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