Princeton University Public Lectures Series

Louis Clark Vanuxem Lectures
Name Affiliation Date Title
Marc Edwards Virginia Polytechnic Institute May 4, 2006 Imminent Endangerment: "Lead" Astray by the EPA
Alan Walker Pennsylvania State University March 9, 2006 The Human Body as an Evolutionary Patchwork
Gerald Galloway University of Maryland March 1, 2006 In Search of a National Water Policy: Learning from Katrina, Dry Canals, and Pallid Sturgeon
Matt Ridley International Centre of Life May 10, 2005 How Nature Turns on Nurture
Lord Robert May Oxford University May 4, 2005 Hard Questions about Tomorrow's World
Michael S. Gazzaniga Dartmouth College April 14, 2005 Personal Identity, Neuroethics, and the Human Brain
Brian Greene Columbia University April 6, 2005 The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality
Henry Petroski Duke University December 7,8,9, 2004 The Design of Everything: From Success to Failure
Roger Penrose Oxford University Oct. 17,20,22, 2003 Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe
John Hennessy President, Stanford University Apr. 15, 2003 Perspectives on High Performance Computer Architecture: History and Challenges
Jack Horner Museum of the Rockies, Montana March 24, 2003 Dinosaur Research in the 21st Century
Vincent Courtillot Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris Dec. 4, 2002 Mass extinctions in the Phanerozoic: a single cause and if yes which?
Jared Diamond School of Medicine, UCLA Oct. 9, 2002 Collapses of Ancient Societies and Their Lessons for Today
Charles M. Falco Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona May 8, 2002 The Art and Science of the Motorcycle
Charles M. Falco Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona May 7, 2002 Through a Looking Glass: The Art of the Science of Renaissance Painting
Sydney Brenner Oxford University and Molecular Sciences Institute, Berkeley April 30, May 1, 2 2002 Biology after the Genome Project
Steven Pinker MIT Feb. 11, 02 Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language
Richard Leakey Head of Civil Service, Kenya 18/5/01 Conservation Realities in Eastern Africa
Marjorie Garber Harvard University 11/16/18/99 Academic Instincts
Andrew Knoll Harvard University 4/6/99 In the Beginning: The Early Evolution of Life on Earth
Thomas Eisner Cornell University 4/6/99 Better Living (and Loving) Through Chemistry-Insect Style
Jon Gordon Mount Sinai Medical Center 10/26/98 Scientific and Ethical Aspects of Cloning in Animals and Humans
Emmet Gowin Princeton University 3/29/93 Coming of Age as an Artist in the Nuclear Era
Alan Durning World Watch Institute 2/1/93 Consumerism and the Environment
Thomas Schelling University of Maryland 11/2/92 Economics of Global Warming
Michael Balick New York Botanical Garden 1/13/92 Tropical Rainforest, Ethobotany, and the Search for Modern Medicine
George A. Miller Princeton University 1984-1985 Dictionaries in the Mind
Donna J. Haraway University of California 1984-1985 From Teddy Bear Patriarchy to Gender Under Stress
Edward D. Wilson   1984-1985 The Relation Between Biological and Cultural evolution
Robert M. Sayforth & Dorothy L. Cheney UCLA 1984-1985 Breaking the Primate Code-How Monkeys Communicate and How they Think
Bruce Murray CIT 1984-1985 Exploration of Mars: Past, Present and Future
Richard J. Gott Princeton University 1984-1985 From Halley's Comet to Spacetime
Carl Sagan Cornell University 1984-1985 On the Eye of the Comet
John B. Slaughter University of Maryland 1983-1984 Science, Education and Politics An Uncertain Trilogy
Eric R. Kandel Columbia University 1983-1984 Steps Toward A Molecular Biology
Edwin T. Layton, Jr. University of MN 1983-1984 The Spirit of Engineering: Applied Science or Independent Art?
D. Allan Bromley Yale University 1983-1984 The Three Cultures: Science, Technology and the Humanities
John Stachel Boston University 4/18/83 What Song the Syrens Sang
William B. Ashworth, Jr. University of Missouri 3/9/83 Nature Revealed: The Evolution of a Scientific Emblem
Edwin T. Layton, Jr. University of Minnesota 2/8/83 The Spirit of Engineering: Applied Science or Independent Art?
John B. Slaughter University of Maryland 2/1/83 Science, Education and Politics: An Uncertain Trinity
Thomas Eisner Cornell University 11/9/82 Exploration and Discovery in the Insect World
Christian Menn Federal Technical Institute, Zurich 10/5/82 Development and Aesthetics of Swiss Bridges
Charles C. Gillispie Princeton University 12/8/81 The Montgolfiers and Invention of Aviation: Image and Reality
David H. Hubel Harvard University 11/12/81 The Eye, the Brain and Perception
Jerre Levy University of Chicago 10/22/81 Variations in Human Brain Asymmetry
Robert M. May Princeton University 10/13/81 Living Together: The Dynamics of Natural and Managed Populations
Willis W. Harman Stanford University 5/6/81 Science, Technology, and Public Values
George W. Housner California Institute of Technology 4/9/81 The Hazard of Earthquakes and the Problem of Protection
Val L. Fitch Princeton University 4/7/81 Asymmetries in Matter, Space and Time
Steven Weinberg Harvard University 3/13/81 The End of Everything
John A. Wheeler University of Texas 3/17/81 This Incredible Quantum Business
Edgar D. Mitchell Mitchell, MacLeod and Gelsomino Management Consultants 2/12/81 Global Perspectives on Evolving Technologies
Harry Woolf Institute for Advanced Study 2/10/81 A Community of Scholars: The Institute for Advanced Study, 1930-1980
Horace Judson Cambridge University 5/15/80 The Continuing Revolution in Biology
Thomas A Mutch NASA 4/21/80 Exploring the Planets
Peter Marler Rockefeller University 4/9/80 The Instinct for Speech
Heinz Isler Burgdorf, Switzerland 4/2/80 Engineering as Structural Art
Bruce Ames University of California 11/12/79 Identifying Environmental Chemicals Causing Mutations and Cancer
Kenneth Boulding Colorado University 5/16/79 Can Capitalism Survive
Robert Trivers University of California 4/25/79 Biological Origins of Altruism
Syukuro Manabe Princeton University 11/14/78 Man's Impact on Global Climate-Climatic Effect of Future Fossil Fuel Combustion
Solomon Snyder John Hopkins University 10/4/78 Pain and Pleasure
David Premack   4/27/78 Intelligence in Ape and Man
Anne Somers Rutgers University 11/15/77 A New Approach to National Health Policy
William McNeill University of Chicago 11/14/77 Disease in History
Theodore Cooper Cornell University 10/12/77 The Making of U.S. Health Policy
Stanley Bergen   4/11/77 Medical School: Who Gets in and Why
DeWitt Stetten   12/8/76 Public Control of Genetic Engineering
John Knowles Rockefeller Foundation 4/14/76 Health and the American Future
Scott McVay Princeton University 2/24/76 Why Wilderness, Why Wildlife
Max Delbruck California Institute of Technology 11/13/75 Copernicus-502
John A. Wheeler Princeton University 11/7/74 The Black Hole and Beyond
Thomas Gold   12/11/73 Comets: Stray Snowballs in Space-or the Stuff of Life?
Lester Lave   12/5/72 Consumer Safety-Who's Concerned
Virgil Wodicka   12/8/72 Protecting the Consumer-Food
Richard C. Lewontin University of Chicago 10/16/67 Modes of Evolutionary Thought-The Attempt to Trascend Time-The Relevance of the Past
Fred Hoyle Cambridge University 11/23/64 Stars-Galaxies-Radio Sources
Bernard Ashmole Oxford University 11/13/64 The Tomb of Mausolus
Herbert Friedman United States Naval Research Laboratory 10/15/62 Rocket and Satellite Astronomy-Observing the Sun from Above the Atmosphere-Solar Storms and Their Terrestrial Infulences-The Stars and Space in Ultravioltet x-ray and Gamma-Ray Wavelengths
Herbert A. Simon Rand Corporation 11/6/61 Human Thinking and Problem Solving-Computer Simulation of Human Problem Solving-The Environment of Thought; Heuristic Processes in Problem Solving-The Mechanisms of Thought: Thinking as Information Processing
Tracy M Sonneborn Indiana University 10/17/60 The Genetics of Substance and Organization-Molecules-Cells-Higher Organisma
John G. Kemeny   3/19/74 Computers and Society Part I
Herman H. Goldstine   3/11/74 Computers from Pascal to Von Neumann
John G. Kemeny   3/20/74 Computers and Society Part II
Carl Sagan   4/24/73 Extraterrestial Life
Freeman Dyson   4/25/73 The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe
Richard Leakey   3/13/73 A New Prospective on Human Evolution
Robert Sinsimer   1/16/73 Of Genes and Men
William Pecora Under Secretary of State 3/9/72 Our Expanding Natural Resources
Richard Jahns   1971-1972 Our Expanding Mineral Resources
David Rose   1971-1972 Our Expanding Energy Resources
Nevin Scrimshaw   1971-1972 World Food Supply-Present and Future
Eugene M. Showmaker California Institute of Technology 2/17/70 Lunar Geology
Martin Schwarzschild Princeton University 2/10/70 Why Do Space Research?
Joseph V. Charyk Communications Satellite Corp, Washington, D.C. 2/12/70 Commercial Applications of Space Technology
Thomas Gold Cornell University 2/19/70 Understanding the Solar System
Freeman J. Dyson Institute for Advanced Study 2/26/70 The 21st Century
Melvin Calfin University of California 3/31/69 Molecular Paleontology-Chemical Evolution
Adolf Grunbaum University of Pittsburgh 3/2/67 The Meaning of Time
Allan Sandage Mount Wilson and Palamar 2/21/67 Time and the Cosmos
Norman Ramsey Harvard University 2/7/67 Time and the Atom
Albert Engel University of California 2/9/67 Time and the Earth
Colin Pittendrigh Princeton University 2/16/67 Time and Life
Victor F. Weisskopf MIT 5/2/66 The Quantum as Shape Giing Factor-Towards Higher Energy-Towards Higher Organization
Charles H. Townes MIT 4/9/64 The Government and University Research
Francis H.C. Crick 1962 Nobel Laureat in Biology 2/4/64 The Facts-Some Experiments-The Ideas
Georg von Bekesy Harvard University 2/12/62 Lateral Inhibition in the Skin, the Ear and the Eye
C. P. Snow Author 5/10/61 Recent Thoughts on the Two Cultures
Otto von Habsburg Archduke of Austria-Hungary 4/13/61 Europe Between East and West
Herbert Davis Oxford University 3/17/61 The Poetry of Jonathan Swift
Rawle Farley University College of the West Indies 3/8/61 Political Expectations and Economic Realities in the British Caribbean
Edwin Land Polaroid Corporation 4/20/60 Experiments in Color Vision
Hans Holthusen Poet and Essayist 3/24/60 Crossing the Zero Point-German Literature Since World War II
Henry Lee Smith University of Buffalo 1959-1960 Language and Culture
Harold C. Urey University of California 1958-1959 Evidence Regarding the Origin and Constitution of the Earth
Francis Birch Harvard University 1958-1959 The Interior of the Earth
F. A. Vening Meinesz University of Utrecht 1958-1959 Convection Currents in the mantle of the Earth; Origin of Continents
Gordon MacDonald University of California 1958-1959 Polar Wandering
Roger Revelle Scripps Institution of Oceanography 1958-1959 Exploration of Oceans
Arend Heyting University of Amsterdam 1957-1958 On the Fundamental Ideas of Intuitionism
Claude Shannon MIT 1957-1958 Information Theory and Its Applications
H.P. Robertson California Institute of Technology 1956-1957 The Untented Cosmos
Wilder Penfield Montreal Neurological Institute 1955-1956 Speech and the Cerebral Cortex
Linus C. Pauling California Institute of Technology 1954-1955 The Structure and Biological Properties of Molecules
Konrad Lorenz Max Planck Institute fur Verbaltenphysiology 1954-1955 The Expression of Emotion in Animals
George Wald Harvard University 1953-1954 Atoms, Molecules and Organisms
Ernest Nagel Columbia University 1953-1954 Science and Knowledge
Wolfgang Kohler Swarthmore College 1952-1953 Currents of the Brain
George Gamow George Washington University 1952-1953 The Origin of the Universe
John Von Neumann Institute for Advanced Study 1952-1953 Machines and Organisms
John E. Burchard MIT 1952-1953 America's Building Symbols or Lies?
Ralph Ellison Author 1952-1953 The Novel in America
H. Munro Fox University of London 1951-1952 Red, Blue and Green Bloods
John R. Dunning Columbia University 1951-1952 Peace-time Applications of Atomic Energy
Karl S. Lashley Yerkes Laboratory 1951-1952 The Neural Basis of Thinking
Dylan Thomas Welsh poet 1951-1952 Reading of poems
William Carlos Williams   1951-1952 Reading of poems
J. Allen Westrup Oxford University 1951-1952 Technique and Emotion in Music
Julian Huxley Scientist and author 1950-1951 Evolution and Human Destiny
Richard Winn Livingstone Corpus Christi College, Oxford 1950-1951 Education and the Spirit of the Age, Liberalism and Rationalism, The Need for a Philosophy, Science
Hermann Weyl Institute for Advanced Study 1950-1951 Symmetry, The Symmetry of Left and Right in Art and Nature, Translatory, Rotational and Related Symmetries, The Symmetry of Ornaments and Crystals, Symmetry and Relativity, Automorphisms in Physics and Algebra
Thomas Seward Lovering United States Geological Survey 1950-1951 Mineral Resources and World Affairs, Mineral Dependent Economies, Mineral Problems in World Wards, Our Current Struthionic Hegemony
Walter Bartky University of Chicago 1949-1950 Varied Uses of Probability and Statistics
Lloyd Morris lecturer and critic 1949-1950 Some Shapers of the Modern Novel
Dylan Thomas poet 1949-1950 Reading of his poetry
Otto Struve University of Chicago 1948-1949 Measuring theIndividuality of a Star
Karl von Frisch University of Graz, Austria 1948-1949 The Language of the Bees
Robert Broom Transvaal Museum, Pretoria, South Africa 1948-1949 Fossil Man in Africa
J. Robert Oppenheimer Institute for Advanced Study 1947-1948 Atomic Physics: The Growth of Our Understanding of the Atomic World
George W. Beadle California Institute of Technology 1947-1948 Living Templates
Patrick M. S. Blackett University of Manchester 1946-1947 Cosmic Radiation
Herbert M. Evans University of California 1946-1947 The Internal Secretions of the Pituitary Body
Griffith C. Evans University of California 1946-1947 Hypothesis and Practical Judgment
George Gaylord Simpson American Museum of Natural History 1946-1947 The Problem of Plan and Purpose in Nature
Percival C. Keith Hydrocarbon Research, Inc. 1946-1947 Progress in the Transformation of Energy
Frederic Charles Bartlett Cambridge University 1946-1947 Group Contact in Contemporary Society
James B. Conant Harvard University 1945-1946 The Mobilization of American Scientists for the Way
W. Albert Noyes University of Rochester 1945-1946 Chemistry for the Armed Forces
Lee A. DuBridge University of Rochester 1945-1946 Radar in War and Peace
A. Baird Hastings Havard University 1945-1946 Wartime Medical Research
Walter S. Hunter Brown University 1945-1946 Psychology in the War
Arthur H. Compton Washington University 1945-1946 The Atomic Crusade
Edward Warner Civil Aeronautics Board 1944-1945 What Airplanes Can Do
William M. Stanley Rockefeller Institute 1942-1943 Disease Agents at the Twilight Zone of Life
George W. Corner Carnegie Institute of Washington 1941-1942 The Ovarian Hormones in Human Reproduction
Everette Lee DeGolyer Geologist 1940-1941 Oil The Utilization of a Natural Resource
Earnest A. Hooton Harvard University 1939-1940 Body and Behavior
Francis G. Benedict University of London 1939-1940 Science and the Art of Deception
Thomas Mann Novelist 1938-1939 Goethe's Faust, Richard Wagner and The Ring of the Nibelung, Freud, the Psychologist of the Unconscious
Detlev W. Bronk University of Pennsylvania 1938-1939 The Nervous Control of Life
David Riesman University of Pennsylvania 1937-1938 Medicine in Contemporary Culture
Heinrich Bruening Ex-Chancellor of Germany 1936-1937 Crisis of Democracy
Percy W. Bridgman Harvard University 1935-1936 The Nature of Physical Theory
Herbert S. Jennings   1934-1935 The Types of Genetic Variation in Relation to Evolution and Environmental Action
Frank Jewett Mather, Jr.   1934-1935 A Consideration of Beauty
Archibald Bowman University of Glasgow 1933-1934 A Sacramental Universe
Theobald Smith   1932-1933 Parasites
Edwin P. Hubble Mt. Wilson Observatory 1931-1932 The Exploration of Space
Bliss Perry Harvard University 1930-1931 Emerson Today
James C. Irvine University of St. Andrews 1929-1930 Chemistry and Social Evolution
A. N. Whitehead Harvard University 1928-1929 The Function of Reason
J.J. R. MacLeod University of Toronto 1927-1928 The Fuel Used for Energy Production in Animals
Henry Fairfield Osborn Museum of Natural History 1926-1927 Man Rises to Parnassus
J. Franklin Jameson Carnegie Institution of Washington 1925-1926 The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement
Louis T. More University of Cincinnati 1924-1925 The Dogma of Evolution
A. J. B. Wace British School of Classical Studies, Athens 1923-1924 Prehistoric Greece
Vernon Kellogg National Research Council 1922-1923 Mind and Heredity
Chauncey B. Tinker Yale University 1921-1922 Nature's Simple Plan: an Aspect of Radical Thought in the Reign of George II
Henry A. Cotton   1920-1921 The Defective Delinquent and Insane
Maurice De Wulf   1919-1920 Philosophy and Civilization in the Middle Ages
H.H. Goddard Director of Bureau of Juvenile Research of Ohio 1918-1919  
Paul Elmer More Princeton University 1917-1918  
Charles Richard Van Hise University of Wisconsin 1916-1917 The Mineral Resources in Civilization
Thomas Hunt Morgan Columbia University 1915-1916  
Walter Raleigh University of Oxford 1914-1915  
Emile Boutroux University of Paris 1913-1914  
Arthur Denis Godley Magdalen College 1913-1914  
Alois Riehl University of Berlin 1913-1914  
Arthur Shipley Christ's College 1913-1914  
Senator Vito Volterra University of Rome, Italy 1912-1913 Permutable Fuctions with Applications to Integral Equations
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