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Dinosaur Research in the 21st Century

Jack Horner Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University:

Monday March 24, 2003 8:00 pm, McCosh 50:

I will discuss our progress in dinosaur paleontology over the past two centuries, illustrating how our ideas have changed with new discoveries, and where our research is now heading. I will discuss new field discoveries of Tyrannosaurus rex, and laboratory discoveries that are providing new information on dinosaur growth rates, and life-spans, as well as new data on the visual appearance of dinosaurs. The talk will be aimed at everyone from children (4th grade and up) to university professors.

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About the Louis Clark Vanuxem Foundation:

"Founded [in 1912] with a bequest of $25,000 under the will of Louis Clark Vanuxem of the Class of 1879. By direction of the executors, at least one-half of the income of this foundation is to be used for a series of public lectures before the University annually on subjects of scientific interest. Provision is made for publication of the lectures." Between 1915-1916 and 1958-1959 the catalogues of the University identify the Princeton University Press as the publisher of these lectures.

Lecturers have included Edwin P. Hubble on "The Exploration of Space" (1931-1932); Thomas Mann on "Goethe's Faust" inter alia (1938-1939); James B. Conant on "The Mobilization of American Scientists for the War" (1945-1946); Ralph Ellison on "The Novel in America" (1952-1953); and Carl Sagan on "Extraterrestrial Life" (1972-1973). Vanuxem pursued a career in insurance, eventually specializing in insurance law. He died in 1903.