CEG Member
Dan_Li Dan Li

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Member since 09/2012

Email: danl@Princeton.EDU
Current Place of Work: Princeton University
Current Position: PhD Candidate

Research Interest:

Dan’s research is broadly concerned with the interplay between climate, water and energy. His research interests include:
1) Environmental fluid mechanics
2) Water resources and hydrology
3) Regional climate modeling
4) Urban climate and energy

Selected Publications:

  1. Li, D., M. Pan, Z.T. Cong, L. Zhang, E. F. Wood (2012), Vegetation Control on Regional Water and Energy Balance within the Budyko Framework, Water Resour. Res., (accepted)

  2. Li, D., G. G., Katul, and E. Bou-Zeid (2012), Mean Velocity and Temperature Profiles in a Sheared Diabatic Turbulent Boundary Layer, Phys. Fluids (accepted)

  3. Li, D., E. Bou-Zeid, and H. De Bruin (2012), Monin–Obukhov Similarity Functions for the Structure Parameters of Temperature and Humidity, Boundary-Layer Meteorol, 145(1):45–67

  4. Li, D., and E. Bou-Zeid (2011), Coherent Structures and the Dissimilarity of Turbulent Transport of Momentum and Scalars in the Un-stable Atmospheric Surface Layer, Boundary-Layer Meteorol, 140(2), 243-262.

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