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Zhong Zheng Hang Deng
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Email: hangdeng@Princeton.EDU
Current Place of Work: Princeton University
Current Position: PhD Candidate

Research Interest:
Hang’s research interests lie in current technologies, such as CCS and nuclear energy, that can reduce GHGs emission and thus help combat global climate change, while ensuring human energy consumption.
Her thesis study focuses on evaluating caprock integrity and its evolution due to brine-CO2-rock interactions.
She is also working on incorporating CCS- and nuclear energy related risks in current energy economic model, which allow a deeper understanding of the economic viability of these technologies, and have important implications to energy policy.

Selected Publications:

  1. Zhao, F., Deng, H., Zhao, X., (2010), Rainfall regime in Three Gorges area in China and the control factors. International Journal of Climatology, 30: 1396–1406.

  2. Dou, H.Y., Deng, H., Sun, X.M., Zhao, X.Y. (2010), Short-term temperature and precipitation forecast over Tibetan Plateau using mean generating function-optimal subset regression. Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis, 46: 643-648.

  3. Deng, H., Zhao, F., Zhao, X. (2012), Changes of extreme temperature events in Three Gorges area, China. Environmental Earth Science, 66:7, 1783-1790.

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