CEG Organized a Lab Tour to the Bocarsly Group

Free style discussion during the lab tour. From left to right: Sheng Yang, Yuan Hu, Jing Gu, Zhong Zheng, Hao Chen, Kuo Liao, Peng Zhao .

[August 30, 2012, Princeton]

Hosted by Yuan Hu and Kuo Liao, some CEG members conducted a lab tour to Prof. Bocarsly’s group in the Chemistry Department. The tour addressed on CO2 reduction and Ethanol fuel cell research that is conducting in the group.

With thanks to Yuan Hu, Kuo Liao and Professor Bocarsly!

[by Zhong Zheng, Yuan Hu and Kuo Liao]


Yuan Hu is showing us the Ethanol Fuel Cell in the group. Researchers are working on new types of catalysts to improve the efficiency of the C-C bond breakage. From left to right: Yuan Hu, Peng Zhao (MAE), Peng Zhao (CHM), Sheng Yang, Yang, Kuo Liao.


Kuo Liao is introducing his research! It focuses on mechanistic studies of electrochemical catalytic CO2 reduction to value added products. His research approach utilized various instrumentation and proper experimental design to probe mechanistic details for imidazolium catalyzed CO2 reduction. From left to right: Sheng Yang, Kuo Liao, Hao Chen, Peng Zhao (MAE), Peng Zhao (CHM)


Sheng Yang is attracted by the Air-tight bulk electrolysis cell specifically designed for solar-driven CO2 reduction.


Yuan Hu is explaining a proposed mechanism for pyridinium catalyzed CO2 reduction process. From left to right: Sheng Yang, Peng Zhao (MAE), Peng Zhao (CHM), Hao Chen, Yuan Hu.

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