CEG Members Meet Gardiner Hill and Nigel Jenvey from BP

Gardiner Hill
CEG members meet Gardiner Hill and Nigel Jenvey. From left to right: Zhong Zheng, Yuan Hu, Nigel Jenvey, Gardiner Hill, Prof Robert Socolow, Xinwo Huang, Bin Guo, Bo Guo, Hang Deng, Kang Sun, Kuo Liao.

[August 21, 2012, Princeton]

CEG members today met Gardiner Hill, Director of Carbon Solutions and Nigel Jenvey, Subsurface Resource manager, Americas from BP. Professor Robert H. Socolow of MAE Department also attended the meeting. 

The meeting featured a spirited discussion around Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) and the future role of shale gas. Specifically, attendees discussed the economic behavior and environmental impacts of these possible technology options from different aspects, including the point of view of the petroleum industry and the government. Energy conservation was also an interesting topic during the meeting with a focus on the situations in China. The attendees also paid special attention to the artificial photosynthesis process, which aims to convert CO2 into fuels.

[by Bin Guo]


Zhong presenting

CEG President Zhong Zheng introduced the vision of the group to the guests during the meeting.

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