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Cory Booker
Location TBA
Friday October 3, 2008
Time TBA

Cory Booker comes to the Princeton campus to speak to College Dems! Refreshments provided.

Trip to Pennsylvania
Bus Leaving from Baker Rink
Saturday September 13, 2008
Time TBA

Obama and Patrick Murphy canvassing near Philadelphia. This trip will be followed by a party at the Princeton Campaign Office.

Activities Fair
Dillon Gym
Friday September 12, 2008

Visit our booth to learn more about the Princeton University College Democrats, talk with members, and learn how to get more involved with us and the election. Representatives from Princeton Students for Barack Obama will also be present.

General Membership Meeting
Location TBD (Whig or Whitman PDR)
Thursday September 11, 2008

Join us for our first meeting of the year and get an introduction to the Princeton University College Democrats, meet other Democrats on campus, and learn how to get more involved with us and with the election! Refreshments provided.

Princeton Campagin Office Open House
On the corner of Nassau Street, across from the Prospect side of Washington Road (above Nassau Interiors)
Tuesday September 9, 2008
3:00PM - 5:00PM

Refreshments and gear! Get to know the locations and people you might be working with this year.

Endorsement Vote: Clinton or Obama?
Whig Hall Senate Chamber
Tuesday April 29, 2008
6:30 - 7:30 PM

Surrogates from the Clinton and Obama campaigns will speak on behalf of their candidate, take questions, and then each student in attendance will cast their vote to support either Hillary or Obama. Free Bent Spoon will be provided!

Grassroots Campaigns Election 2008 Job Opportunities
Frist 205
Monday April 7, 2008
7:00 - 7:30 PM

College Democrats are hosting alumnus Ben Cholok '07, who'll be giving an info session on job opportunities with the company he works for, Grassroots Campaigns. Grassroots Campaigns has been hired by the DNC to help the Democrats take back the White House through voter outreach and mobilization, and they're looking for leaders who want to gain valuable experience in managing field campaigns.

Backwards Debate
Whig Senate Chamber
Thursday April 15, 2008
7:30 PM

The Princeton Progressive Nation, College Democrats, and College republiacns present a debate where liberals argue for the Bush tax cuts and Conservatives want an immediate withdrawl from Iraq featuring moderator Evan Thomas, Newsweek managing editor, and debaters Jason Anton '10, Daniel Rauch '10, Johnny Love '09, and Brian Stephan '11. Cosponsors for the event are the P-board and ODUS, and refreshments will be provided.

College Dems vs. College Republicans Beiruit Tournament
Wednesday, March 5th
Tower Club taproom

Wear your blue!

General Membership meeting
Tuesday, March 4th
Whig Senate Chamber (2nd Floor)
This meeting will be followed by a primary-watch party at Frist.

New Jersey's Primary!
As many of you are aware, Tuesday February 5th is "Super Tuesday" and it is important that your voice is heard in New Jersey's primary. If you are registered to vote in New Jersey, the Princeton College Democrats encourage you to get out there! Polls are open from 6 am to 8 pm. Unaffiliated registrants can choose to vote in either primary at the polling station, but democrats must choose between democratic candidates. Most Princeton students will be voting at one of three places:

1) Trinity Church, near Mercer Street on Nassau (up campus locations)
2) Jadwin Hall (down campus)
3) Suzanne Patterson Campus (parts of Forbes)

To clarify, click here for a color-coded map of polling locations.

President Rob Weiss's Letter to Membership - 12/13/07

Hi Dems,

My name is Rob Weiss, and I’m extremely proud to serve you as the newly elected President of Princeton College Democrats.

We can’t thank enough outgoing president Julia Brower, who, as our diligent and effective leader for the past two years, has put College Democrats on track to an even brighter future. But though we’re all extremely sad to see her go, I know we’re equally excited about the prospects for this year.

The national scene sure bodes well. The 2008 election promises to be the most exciting and historic we’ve yet witnessed in our lives, with Democrats poised to take the White House and expand majorities in Congress. Students across the nation are more politically engaged than ever before. And after a miserable Bush presidency, we Democrats have the opportunity to do so much good: healing our country’s divisions, restoring the world’s faith in America’s leadership, caring for our most needy, and together squaring up to confront the big challenges our nation faces.

On campus, we’ve got reason to be psyched too. Our team of officers is a great mix of experienced leaders and energetic newcomers. Liberal-leaning students outweigh conservatives at Princeton by at least 3-1, and College Democrats has many times the size and strength of our Republican counterpart. We count among our membership the leaders of the USG and of many student groups; we have connections with local, state, and national campaigns and officials, and innumerable other resources at our fingertips.

So with that, I encourage you to check out the College Dems 2008 Guiding Principles for a preview of where we’re going to go this year, and how we’re going to get there.

Please get in touch with me (rmweiss@princeton.edu) or any of our other officers to share your thoughts, ideas, or questions. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Democratically yours,


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