Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Equestrian Team?

A: We're a group of happy horse lovers from Princeton University. We not only ride and sometimes show, but we have parties, study breaks, and participate in fundraising activities. While horseback riding itself is an individual sport, our group emphasizes teamwork and team bonding.

Q: Where's the barn?

A: We have just started riding at Silver Dollar Stables, LLC in Cranbury, NJ. To get to the stable from campus, take route 1 north to the Scudders Mill Rd. exit. Follow Scudders Mill Rd. for approximately 6 miles until you reach Petty Rd. Turn left onto Petty Rd. and the stable is #80 on your left. Feel free to email us for more up to date information about the switch

Q: How much do lessons cost?

A: Lesson prices at the new stable are in the process of being worked out. We expect that lessons will cost around $50 per lesson for a one hour group lesson. Each rider must sign up for eight lessons at a time. If you opt to show, you must pay a $40 IHSA registration fee and $50 team dues per semester. Register for lessons through the phys. ed. department at the beginning of each semester; IHSA registration is taken care of at the first meeting of the semester.

Q: How do lessons work?

A: Each individual's riding ability is assessed before lessons are scheduled. You need not have any prior experience in order to take lessons or join the team!!! We then arrange lesson groups according to both ability and individual class schedules. Members carpool to the barn, and are advised to leave Princeton an hour before the lesson in order to have enough time to get to the barn, groom, and tack up. Members should expect to return to Princeton an hour after the lesson is over.

Each rider is allowed one scheduled make-up lesson at the end of the semester. If you know you will miss a lesson, notify Ashton at least 24 hours in advance. If you cannot attend the lesson for some unforseen reason (i.e. sick the day of lesson), call the barn anyway. If you know you will miss your normal lesson, it is best to arrange another lesson the same week. To do so, please contact Ashton and the stable.

About carpools: Students with cars will be asked to provide transportation for others in their lesson slot. Passengers should chip in for gas money. Each carpool will agree on a time and place to meet each week. If the driver is to miss a lesson, be sure to notify everyone else at least a couple of days in advance so that they can make other driving arrangements or attend another lesson. Do not leave your teammates stranded the day of the lesson! If you are a passenger and are going to miss a lesson, be sure to notify your driver so that the group knows that it need not wait for you.

Barn etiquette and rules will be introduced to you, although the general rule of thumb is if you do not know how to do something or where something is, ask someone who does know. This is for both your safety and the horse's safety.

Q: What do I need to wear and bring for a lesson?

A: If you don't own your own riding clothes (britches, boots, hat), the following apparel is appropriate: Hard-soled shoes or boots, with a heel (preferably a style that laces up and covers your ankle for support), snug-fitting jeans, and a hard hat. You must always wear a hard hat while riding. The barn has a few extra that you may borrow for your lesson.

If you would like to buy your own equipment, we suggest you go to the Stitching Horse Leathers Tack Shop on Nassau Street in Kingston (just a few minutes from Princeton). If you tell the cashier you are a member of the Princeton Equestrian Team, you will receive a 10% discount on all purchases. For convenience, it is recommended that you buy your own hard hat.

Q: Do I need to own a horse?

A: Absolutely not! We use school horses in our lessons, which is excellent practice for the IHSA shows when we are randomly assigned a horse for each class. While team members who own horses are welcome to bring them to Princeton, they are responsible for boarding, transporting, and caring for them. If you own tack, you are welcome to bring it to your lesson.

Q: I'd like to show...what do I need to know about that?

A: Go to our Show Information page to learn all about who is eligible, how shows work, etc.

Q: I don't have time to show. Can I just take lessons?

A: We are encouraging all Princeton students who take lessons to be a part of the show team as well.