You must belong to US Figure Skating in order to compete as an individual or on the synchro team. There are two different USFS membership options:

  • If you already belong to a USFS club at home, you can renew your USFS membership through that club.
  • If you do not already belong to a club, you can gain a 4-year collegiate membership to USFS for $70.

In addition to USFS membership, there are PUFSC dues:

  • Skating as a member of the synchronized skating team costs $300. This covers ice time, dresses, coaching, travel and hotels.
  • Belonging to PUFSC as an individual member costs $35, which covers the cost of ice time and helps to pay for annual exhibitions.
If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.  You can also visit the USFS membership page here.