Synchronized Skating

What is synchro?
Synchronized skating is a specialized branch of skating, distinct from figures, free skating, ice dancing, and pair skating.  It involves teams of skaters performing a variety of types of footwork, group formations, and skating maneuvers.  Heads, legs, arms, and bodies must move in unison.  Formations must be accurate and lines must be straight.  Synchronized skating programs are judged for technical difficulty and presentation.

PUFSC synchro

Our synchronized skating team competes in the open collegiate division against other club teams.  (See the list of collegiate teams on the USFS Collegiate page). We practice twice a week on ice with coaches Rosanna Ryskasen and Rose Villalva, and once a week off ice throughout the competitive season. We also compete in Eastern Sectionals annually. The Princeton University Synchronized Skating Team has ranged in size from nine to seventeen skaters.

Most PUFSC members are involved in the synchronized team.  No previous synchronized skating experience is necessary to join; we’re just looking for skaters with basic skating skills, enthusiasm, and dedication!