Princeton University Letterpress

Princeton University Letterpress is a collective of Princeton students who share a common interest in the study and practice of movable type typography.

Letterpress printing is a movable type printing process invented by Gutenberg in the 15th century that the majority of publications were printed using until the second half of the 20th century. Under the supervision of David Sellers, a printer in Hopewell NJ, we hope to produce several major works each academic year.

These works include broadsides and posters of quotes and poetry that can be hung on students' walls as well as an anthology of poems written by the poets in Princeton's Creative Writing Program. This anthology would be a custom typeset and hand bound limited edition produced in a close collaboration between members and the poets.

We can be reached at for inquires regarding funding, updates, and general interest. Princeton University members can also fill out an interest form here.

Special Thanks To
  • Princeton Council of the Humanities
  • The Lewis Center for the Arts
  • The Princeton University English Department
  • The Princeton University Library
  • Rockefeller/Mathey Peter S. Firestone '62 Society