Queer Life at Princeton

Everyone is welcome to LGBT Student Services events. Our amazing LGBT Center, located on the second floor of the Frist Campus Center, opened in Fall 2006. In addition to housing LGBT student services, it has a comfortable study space with couches and armchairs open for use whenever Frist is open. The Center also houses an extensive library of queer-themed books and videos to check out.

An integral part of queer life at Princeton is FFR/btGALA, the LGBT alumni group. Fund For Reunion was founded by the undergraduate group (then known as GAP) and some alumni in 1986 to improve the environment at Princeton for its LGBT community. With a soaring endowment and many active members, FFR provides many opportunities for current students, including scholarships for LGBT related research at Princeton, funding for Pride Alliance and QGC events, grants for students involved in activism and leadership around the country, and social mixers in many cities, which are open to current students as well as alumni from Princeton and other Ivy League schools.

Graduate students often travel to nearby New York City and Philadelphia. There is a large gay community in New Hope, which is only a half hour drive away. For a list of links to local queer dance clubs check out The Pride Center of New Jersey.


Last Updated September 2, 2013.
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