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Photoduplication Services
Photoduplication Price List and Guidelines

    Standard 8 1/2" x 11" photocopy: $0.35 per sheet for Reading Room visitors 
    Standard 8 1/2" x 14" photocopy: $0.35 per sheet for Reading Room visitors 
    Standard 11" x 17" photocopy: $0.40 per sheet for Reading Room visitors 
    Minimum Order for Remote Users (see note 1): $25 for up to 25 pages, estimated thereafter (see note 2) 
    Complex Order for Remote Users (see note 3): $35 per hour 

    Color photocopy (all sizes): $5.00 per sheet 
    Minimum order: $20

    CESSATION OF MICROFILM SERVICE. As of 17 November 2009, RBSC can no longer supply photoduplication by means of microfilm. The termination of this service (both new filming and positives from existing negatives) results from the planned retirement of the person responsible for this work, removal of antiquated microfilm equipment, and plans to shift to delivery of digital images.  

PDF from exisiting microfilm (see note 4)
    $130 per reel 

    Black-and-white glossy prints: 
    5" x 7": $18 per print 
    8" x 10": $20 per print 
    11" x 14": $25 per print 

Color glossy prints
    5" x 7": $35 per print 
    8" x 10": $40 per print 
    11" x 14": $48 per print 

35mm Color Slides
    Standard Plastic mount: $8.50 each 
    Glass mount: $9.75 each 

Color Transparencies
    4" x 5" color transparencies: $55 for three months (rental only) 
    $27.50 per month, thereafter 

Digital Photo / Scan (see note 5) 
    Per image: $25 

Oversize print from digital map (per curatorial approval) 
    Contact rbsc@princeton.edu for pricing / availability 

Note 1: Remote users are those researchers who do not first visit the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections to review collections and identify items for possible photoduplication. When researchers request materials via mail, e-mail, phone, and FAX, Princeton staff must review collections in order to identify materials.

Note 2: Pre-payment estimates will be provided and must be signed to assure copyright compliance. There will be a standard fee of $25.00 for photocopy requests up to 25 pages. For larger requests (over 25 pages) the cost will be calculated at $8.75 per additional 25 pages. These estimates will be based on an approximated page count. Rather than a per page cost, fees will be assessed according to bracketed price ranges (e.g. 1-25 exposures/$25.00, 26-50 an additional $8.75, 51-100, an additional $17.50, etc.). For those requesting alumni and genealogical material from the University Archives, up to five pages will be sent gratis.

Note 3: In addition to the photoduplication and postage/handling costs, RBSC staff will estimate preparation and assembly time for large complex orders (50+ items in multiple locations) for photocopying, photography, and other types of photoduplication at a rate of $35.00 per hour for up to three hours per patron per calendar year. This fee applies to all complex photoduplication orders listed below as well.

Note 4: PDF files are provided on an "as is / best copy available" basis, contingent on condition of the original materials as well as existing microfilm.

Note 5: Because the Princeton University Archives strives to support the work of the university, members of the Princeton University community (administration, alumni, faculty, staff, students, and student organizations) who request digital scans of photographic prints from the Archives will be granted one free request for up to three scans per calendar year. For additional requests or scans, patrons will be charged a $10/scan fee, a discount from the normal $25 scan. This offer does not apply to rush orders, defined as needed within three business days or less.

  • Photoduplication inquiries for RBSC collections housed in Firestone Library should be submitted to Photoduplication Coordinator, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library, One Washington Road, Princeton, New Jersey 08544 or rbsc@princeton.edu. For those collections in the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, contact the Public Services Archivist, 65 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 or mudd@princeton.edu.
  • The Department reserves the right to refuse a request, or to limit(*) the amount or format of duplication. Entire books or boxes (or substantial portions of either) will not be photocopied (unless otherwise authorized by curator); other forms of duplication may be available.
     *Maximum Order. In order to protect copyright and RBSC control over its own materials, RBSC will not photocopy more than 20 percent of particular manuscript collections or record groups; and a maximum of 250 copies for copyright-protected literary materials. Curators responsible for the relevant collections will continue to review requests and may approve larger orders for scanning (PDF output). Mudd will continue to limit orders to 1000 copies per patron per calendar year.
  • Medieval and Islamic manuscripts are never photocopied. Other forms of duplication may be available. Fragile rare books or manuscripts may not be reproducible. For photography, special handling charges, custom processing fees ($35.00 per hour) and/or rush fees ($35.00 minimum) may be charged. Photographic negatives and color transparencies remain the property of the Department.
  • Photoduplication orders must be prepaid. Payment is possible by credit card, check, money order, cash, or Princeton University account. A postage-and-handling charge will be added for orders that are to be mailed. Special handling fees for oversized, unwieldy, or particularly fragile originals may be added to any order. Reproductions of photocopies, where the Department does not hold the original(s), are not possible, in most cases. All orders are subject to curatorial approval and, where appropriate, a restrictions check.
  • Prices and polices effective 3 November 2009. Latest update 2 December 2009.

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