The Drumbeat 2000 & Macromedia Saga

  Upgrade Policy for Recent Drumbeat Purchasers
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 14:21:14 -0400
From: Rick Curtis
Newsgroups: macromedia.drumbeat, macromedia.ultradev

To the President Of Macromedia,

On the upgrade path for Drumbeat users to UltraDev I have to say to MM
that a free upgrade to UltraDev for DB purchases after April 5 is a
major cop out for a free upgrade. It should be 6 months. If UltraDev is
being released in June it certainly was in the works months ago. While I
understand that for marketing purposes MM had to keep quiet about the
new product until closer to the release date, lots of users have bought
DB2K in the last 6 months (at the MM price of $499). Much of the sales
was due new MM labeling and distribution. People said, "Oh this is an MM
product, should be good it's from a major player in the Web software
market. This must be THE thing to do Web database work." Those same
people have struggled over learning Drumbeat only to find that now it is
a dead end. I would like to see MM take some responsibility to those
people and give anyone who purchased Drumbeat within the last 6 months a
free upgrade.


Rick Curtis