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Several Users have posted other approaches to the Windows 2000 riched32.dll problem

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DB & WIN2000

Subject: Win2K patch - another approach
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 00:11:15 -0400
From: "RC West"
Newsgroups: macromedia.ultradev

I've tried a variation on the theme of Dan Morrison's fine information and
so far it seems to be working. This is early in the game, so I'll post a
followup to this later.

Remembered reading an article sometime ago, on the differences in how Win2k
attempts to resolve DLL Hell... dllcache and all that. From that article
(will try to find it again, was in VBPJ) I recalled that they discussed
locating your program dll files in the local program's folder.

SOooo, I was getting tired of seeing my new dual cpu Win2K workstation
gathering dust because of ONE program I couldn't use... DB2K. Armed with
Dan's info and files, I said let's go at this turkey, since MM bailed on us
and I can't wait around for Ultra$&&!.

Well here's the meat.

Took the 176K riched32.dll Dan sent me and placed it in "Drumbeat 2000\bin"
folder along with the drumbeat executable(Drumbeat.exe). Drumbeat fires up
and loads the riched32.dll from it's bin folder just fine, thank you very
much. I left the small 4K riched32.dll wrapper in "Winnt\System32" where it
is registered by Win2k, no change here from the Win2k wkstn installation.

With MSO97 and ODE97 installed, fired up Access 97 and built a form with
Richtext control on it from ODE97 (richtx32.ocx) and started it up. Win2k
obediently loads up it's riched32.dll to support the .ocx just fine, thank
you very much again. Start Drumbeat or the Access test form in either order
or together, checking what dll loads and I find that either riched32.dll's
load, each with their respective programs.... each loading the respective
dll I was anticipating. When both programs are running, BOTH dll's are
loaded in memory and everything so far works fine. Stop one of the programs
and the respective dll unloads correctly.

I have some additional tools to load up yet on the workstation, some of
which also have versions of riched32.dll in their file list, so like I
said... this will need more testing, and I'll post again. It does look like
I'll get to use the new PC after all, though.

Bob West
Principal Consultant
Keane, Inc.

Re: Win2K patch - another approach
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 09:11:05 -0400
From: "RFHavens"
Organization: AASU
Newsgroups: macromedia.ultradev
References: 1

I also used Dan's solution without any problem. But to on the safe side I am
now as of an hour ago using your modified solution. I have opened, closed,
full publish, partial publish, upload with DB's built in ftp, upload with
3DFtp, run two instances of Access 2000 along with two instances of DB,
outlook express, IE5, and all without any noticeable problems. I like the
idea of letting Win2K use the original Riched32.dll and having DB use it's
own version. Just in case some wants to know what type of system I am
running I listed it below.

DB2K e-Commerce Edition
Office 2000 Dev Edition
IE 5 (don't want to put Netscape on)

PII 400 laptop
384 MB ram
8 MB video
Dual Boot Option
10 GB Win98 C: drive
18 GB Win2K D: drive
10/100 Ethernet at work
switched at home as necessary to
56k modem